Do you have, or are you thinking of starting baseball card collecting?

Public storage in Harrisburg, NC

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Storage spaces can be the best and most affordable areas to keep a baseball card collection. They offer all the right conditions when climate-controlled units are used, and they are safe and secure. This hobby can run for a person’s lifetime and for many, baseball cards are only the beginning.  If you are an avid collector, read on for some hand storage tips for your cards and other memorabilia.

Maintain the condition of your cards by using climate-controlled storage in Harrisburg NC  

When it comes to sports cards or any other collectible cards, the condition is an essential factor. There is a high-grade and low-grade card in the collectible market, and the price difference can be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell your cards or not, you’ll need to keep them as close to mint condition as possible.

Begin by making sure each card is protected. This can be done with individual cardholders. You can also use a ring binder full of protective pages for your cards. Professional collectors suggest being extra careful when inserting cards, so you don’t dent a corner. Even with this, the right environmental conditions must be met, this is why climate-controlled storage in a storage facility is recommended.

Organization of your baseball card collection in a storage unit

Cards held in sleeves or holders are beautiful for display, but you should never leave cards or other memorabilia in the open for too long. For secure storage, you can purchase boxes designed to hold cards, or you can use regular boxes with protective spacers.

You may be tempted to cram lots of cards in a box or binder, but it is safer to have multiple containers. This is better for the cards and will enable you to sort and separate your cards easier. Storing a baseball card collection in a Harrisburg NC storage unit, the last thing to do is stack boxes on the floor. Garage storage shelves in your climate-controlled unit are better as you can keep boxes off the floor.

Damp can quickly ruin a good card collection, and card soaks this up from concrete floors. Additionally, shelves make it easier to organize. You can sort boxes by year, by the team, or any other filing system you are maintaining.

Harrisburg NC storage facilities can save your baseball card collection

Climate-controlled storage keeps a storage unit within a set temperature range. It eliminates swings in humidity levels and enables storage units to be unaffected by outer elements. Without this, a baseball card collection will be susceptible to whatever the weather is doing outside.  Mold and mildew growth can wreak havoc on cards, so it is better to eliminate this from your storage solution entirely.

To make sure you have the right conditions and the right storage facility for your collections, contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will help you decide on the best storage unit and how you can best care for your valuable collection.

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