Are you preparing to use storage for large furniture items in Kannapolis NC?

Public storage in Kannapolis, NC

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Storage for large furniture items is great, but moving home, or merely moving furniture around can be a pain. Use the correct techniques, you can move all your large furniture items into the  storage near me you found on the web.

A few helpful tips of advice never hurt anyone, so if you want to save the injuries for another day, then carry on reading and see how easy it can be to pack furniture into your mini-storage unit.

Loading up ready for your storage move

The one thing with searching for storage near me in Kannapolis NC is that it doesn’t provide you with help to move heavy items. So, when you are ready for moving things to your storage unit, enlist the help of family or friends who have a few muscles to spare.

It can be much easier to use professional movers, but this is a false economy if you are only moving items from a couple of rooms. A large enough vehicle and a few helping hands are all you need to load up and then off-load into your mini-storage unit space.  Footwear and clothing should also be suitable for some heavy lifting, and if your furniture has sharp edges, then hand out a few pairs of work gloves.

Keeping the right posture

No matter how many people are lifting, it is still crucial to hold the proper stance. Here are a few storage professionals’ tips on how to lift those cumbersome objects.

  • Feet shoulder-width apart
  • One foot slightly in front of the other when beginning to lift
  • Back straight and eyes looking forward.
  • Shoulders back and elbows tucked to your sides
  • Bend knees and not your waist

Energy and time can be saved by measuring all doorways and stairs. In many cases, dismantling furniture as much as possible helps a great deal.

Moving to storage and tools of the trade

Almost everywhere in Kannapolis NC, professional removers use the same tools when moving furniture or large items. Some might appear overkill for filling a mini-storage unit, but on occasion, it might be a necessity depending on where you live. Unloading in your local  storage unit is often the easy part of the operation.

  • Skids, sliders or rollers – these are disks or dedicated rollers which can be placed under the corner of storage furniture. Once in the storage facility, these are ideal for maneuvering to your climate-controlled unit which is often indoors.
  • Dollies – these can carry multiple boxes at once. Just be sure to pack your boxes well enough to stack two or three high.
  • Lifting straps – these are quite new and sling one over your shoulder after fastening one under your furniture. Your center of balance is lowered and makes carrying more comfortable.
  • Stair climber/ rollers – these can have large items fastened to them and then one or two people can maneuver easily down a flight of stairs.

Storage for large furniture items in Kannapolis NC. When you have planned everything, and all the hands and vehicles are ready to help you move to your storage unit. You can have the job completed in less time than you imagine. If you want to avoid the rush, then out of hours access is easy with 24/7 around the clock with code operated gates.

If you want to know more how Mr. Storage can help with your storage needs, then call their professionals, and the staff will answer any storage or moving questions, from supplies to the size of unit you require to make your belongings comfortable and damage free.

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