Storage units store personal items that are left behind after a garage sale

Storage in Salisbury NC is perfect for storing items that you find valuable. After space in your house starts getting lower, you have to consider selling some of the items you do not use. Whatever does not go to the garage sale will have to go into a storage unit until you can use it again in the future. Here’s how you can handle a successful garage sale for your items.


Clean: Room by room, go through your house looking for things you don’t wear or use frequently because they probably need to go! Remember to check the shed, garage, basement, and attic as well.

You should also sort the items ahead of the sale. Discard, Sell, and Keep. Sorting and organizing will help you get rid of unnecessary items and find a place for the treasures.

Decide when your garage sale will be: The best times to have your sale are often on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

Set pricing

Price the items right: Avoid overpricing your thing because you attached sentimental worth to it. Ask a friend to give you an unbiased opinion if you’re unsure of how much to charge for anything. Search online to find the current value. Selling products for between a quarter and a third of their original worth is a decent general rule. Try not to overprice anything at a garage sale because the majority of customers aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money there.


Use internet ads and flyers in your neighborhood. Use 15 to 20 sizable, eye-catching signs. They ought to be three feet or more square. Keep them straightforward with sizable arrows pointing toward the sale. They ought to be basic enough for a first-grader to read and easy to see while driving.

Plan for the big day

To create change, make sure you have a lot of small notes and coins on hand. If you don’t have change on hand, you risk losing a deal. For fragile things, have adequate plastic shopping bags and packing supplies on hand. These small details go a long way toward demonstrating to your clients that you are prepared and well-organized.

Kitchen supplies are kept in one location, tools in another, and easily sorted apparel and accessories are hung from racks. Place any expensive or specialty things you do have close to the street so that people will know you’re selling more than just mismatched plates and worn-out CDs. Reorganize frequently during the day to maintain a clean appearance.

Work with the best storage facility in Salisbury NC for your garage sale

Having the right storage unit will help you store everything that you do not sell on your garage sale. Work with the best storage facility in Salisbury NC.

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