Midland’s storage specialist can help retain your boat’s value over time

Midland’s storage specialist insists that owners maintain their boat’s performance and appearance before and after the off-season. Owning a boat is exciting, allowing for fun opportunities in the summer. However, it also comes with responsibilities, including regular maintenance, repairs, and proper boat storage. Keep reading for tips you should know.

Where do I store my boat?

Owners who can’t store their boats in their driveway can opt for the next best choice within their budgetary limits. Options include self-storage, dry stacked boat storage, and marina slip storage. If you wish to store the boat during winter, an outdoor choice can result in complications.

What do I need to do to prepare my boat for storage?

  • Make any needed repairs

Before storing the boat, take it out on the water one last time to note any necessary repairs. Listen to the boat’s motor and check for anything that needs to be repaired before storing. Not making repairs could only worsen the problems.

  • Clean the boat’s exterior

Boats can accumulate algae, grime, and barnacles, particularly during summer. It’s best to remove these substances to prevent damage to the exteriors, which will likely worsen as time passes.

  • Clean the boat’s interior

You can’t afford to ignore the boat’s interior. It’s where you relish your boat the most, deserving equal attention. It’s important to use appropriate cleaning products for boats to secure your investment. Also, clean out your boat’s refrigerator if applicable. Then examine all storage components to ascertain that nothing left behind could result in damage.

  • Dry completely

While cleaning your boat is vital, your work is complete after drying it thoroughly. Dry the exteriors and interiors of the boat to prevent mold and mildew from growing and causing an unattractive sight. Drain the boat by raising the bow before letting any remaining water or moisture completely dry.

  • Do some maintenance work

Maintenance is required during the boating season and before storage. Start by disconnecting the batteries and filling up the gas tank. Change the oil and replace the anti-freeze afterward. Also, safeguard the drive belts and the steering and controlling mechanisms. The belts should be loosened or removed, while the steering and controlling joints need greasing. You should also apply to fog oil to your boat’s engine. Your boat’s manual contains additional details on how to carry out this maintenance routine.

  • Wax

A boat may look fancy after waxing, but this activity goes beyond that. It prevents rust and corrosion during the storage period. You must thoroughly clean your boat before beginning the waxing process. Then apply the right waxing products in a steady circular motion. Finish by buffing the wax using a power buffer or doing it manually before it dries.

  • Cover the boat

The last crucial step is to cover your boat. It adds a layer of extra protection whether storing it indoors or outdoors. Covering prevents the accumulation of dust and other substances.

Choose Midland’s best storage facility for boat storage

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