Are you wondering how you can pack kitchen dishes ready for a move?

Storage units in Concord, NC

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Storage units in Concord NC can make the ideal intermediary between homes. After the move, there is no worse thing than crumbling broken dishes. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to prepare the plates before you start moving, to keep your plates in one piece for dinner in your new home!  If you are planning a move, then keep reading for tried-and-true packaging tips from professional organizers to improve your packaging skills.

Packing dishes the right way before moving into storage units

Create a layer of bubble-wrapped dishes at the bottom of each box, this creates a solid base for the rest of the dishes. Also, start packing thicker or more substantial plates, salad plates and finally packing your bowls.

Make sure you fill each box with fragile items to the top, depending on the weight, this avoids any possibility of them moving and breaking. Make paper balls or long rolls and stick them in each open space inside the box. Once packed, there should be no sound inside the box.

Packing bowls for a Concord NC home move

Bowls may look like hard-to-pack household items. Experts suggest using wrapping paper to fill hollow spaces. The bowls should be stacked in the middle of three sheets of wrapping paper, and that paper should be wrapped around the bowl, so the ends meet in the center of the bowl. The corners of the wrapping paper inside the dish, give a cushion so that the next bowl has something to sit on.

Be sure to wrap the bowls and plates tight, so they do not move in the wrapping paper. Moving professionals use a lot of paper, but people who usually self-move do not use enough. Do not forget, the packaging paper is cheap and recyclable, so use it in abundance.

Storage of fragile items in storage units in Concord NC

Buy thick moving boxes and place them well when you move the dishes to a new house to protect your fragile items. The bottom of the box should be very secure, so cover the bottom of the carton with a double layer of bubble wrap.

Do not skimp on tape after the box is full. Add two or three strips to the bottom, before taping the outer edges about four to five times in the center. You also want to choose a strong tape to keep the boxes intact, especially if the boxes will be in storage units. Wrap the tape around the box until it sticks to itself, and create a secure grip. Tape all the edges of the box, if you plan to store them in a storage unit. This helps protect them from the elements.

Storage for your kitchen wares in Concord NC

Many people accumulate plenty of cookware over the years. However, these can be valuable and are not worth disposing of. It is much better to wrap them as above and make full use of local storage units to keep them safe.

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