Storage units are ideal for storing holiday gifts

Top storage units in Midland NC can help you keep your gifts within the holiday season. There is never a bad time to start looking for holiday gifts! Right after the holidays, retailers frequently have bargains to get rid of extra goods. Purchasing gifts immediately following the holiday season can also offer you more time to slip them past your loved ones. It can be difficult to keep people from rummaging through your gift collection. Whether kids manage to smell out your ostensibly super-secret hiding spot in the basement or manage to unearth their gifts under your bed in a matter of minutes, their discovery can ruin holiday surprises. Find out why storing gifts in self-storage can be a great idea this holiday season.

Common hiding spots at home

Most likely, if you’ve considered hiding places around your house, so have your loved ones. The best gift-concealing spots for Christmas and other holidays are also the ones that are the simplest to find. The locations where gifts are most frequently concealed include:

  • Closets in bedrooms
  • Accommodations
  • Coat cupboards
  • Under beds
  • Vehicle trunks

Why you should use a storage unit

Even though your closet may be useful, you might have certain gifts that are difficult to conceal in your house. Even if you cover bicycles, appliances, and other bulky presents with a blanket, present thieves will still find them to be easy pickings. A storage unit gives you more holiday gift storage space.

In addition to being open to holiday snoops, concealing places like car trunks face the danger of damaging possessions that are temperature- or humidity-sensitive. Extreme temperatures and humidity, as well as prying eyes, are all difficulties that are resolved by climate-controlled storage. Even if your family does discover that you are hiding gifts in a storage facility, they won’t have access to them like they would if they were in your spare room or bedroom closet. Holiday present theft is also deterred by additional storage security measures including fully gated perimeters and digital video recording.

Now that you’ve located a risk-free location for your gifts, store them appropriately according to these tips:

  • Holiday gifts should be placed at the unit’s front for easy access.
  • To prevent damage, layer smaller boxes on top of larger ones.
  • For small items and stocking stuffers, utilize transparent containers with lids.

Find top storage units in Midland NC

Hiding holiday gifts make them the ultimate surprise when you present them during the holidays. Find amazing storage units in Midland NC for the best results. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, SalisburyHarrisburgKannapolis NC, and MidlandContact us today to reserve your unit.