Do you worry about making mistakes in your storage unit?

It is easy for renters of storage units to make some slight errors. Items damaged can appear very fast. This occurs because of improper stacking or using the wrong packaging materials. This happens to tenants of units in the initial period, although long-standing renters will also fall for these same mistakes.

Here are the most common mistakes made, so you know what to avoid when using your space in Concord, NC.

Never use newspaper in Concord, NC storage packing  

The ink used in the newspaper can smear and bleed, resulting in unnecessary work, by contaminating your belongings. Cleaning them before storing them and you will find you need to clean them again when they come out. The newspaper may also likely damage some objects. It is better to use color free packaging paper, which can be purchased from any good self storage office.

You make mistakes along with your unit

If one hurries while packing in your items, it may result in mayhem and potentially damage or even injury. Depending on the facility, you may face closing time unless they offer secure 24/7 access.

Moving anything can be hard work and stressful. You must have enough time and assistance to put the final additions on your move. Request help from friends and family and make sure that the facility has plenty of lighting if you are working in the dark.

Label your boxes for storage in Concord, NC

To enable you to identify the containers, it is easy to label them with a number as well as what’s inside. There is nothing more annoying than looking for something and having to go all the way through unidentified boxes.

Adhere to a complete inventory for each box. So as soon as you are searching for something, you can easily refer to the catalog.

Never keep food in Concord, NC storage units

Never carry food of any kind in your storage space. Besides never storing it, you need to be sure everything is free from crumbs.

This happens to be one of the most common mistakes anyone ever makes using storage. Furniture, clothes, all kinds of things. Any crumbs will attract pests, and then you will suffer.

Don’t forget insurance for your Concord, NC storage units

Whenever people are told to remember their insurance, they generally forget to do so. Your possessions are not included in a standard insurance policy, and you will have to take out an additional policy. You may not even be able to rent some storage space if you are not insured.

If you wish to know more about the facilities and how you can set up your account and pay bills online, contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will explain everything you need to know and to help avoid any of the above or other mistakes during storage.

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