What is the right way to store shoes?

Storage for shoes in some cases may not be the most obvious. Dry, in shape and in the right environment are how to store shoes.

Boots and shoes are the hardest working part of your wardrobe you will have. Shoes and boots are not cheap to replace. Despite this expense, many people put their shoes in a big stack inside their closet.

Learning how to store shoes correctly, helps keep them flexible and wearable for years, thus saving money in the end. It doesn’t matter if you need short-term or long-term boot and shoe storage, below are some of the best storage tips to help take care of your footwear collection.

Use shoe trees for short-term storage

Over time, creases and wrinkles form naturally in aged shoes. These become permanent deformities in your footwear. As the materials age, they stiffen. Older shoes with leather insoles and wrinkled toes have usually been in storage for too long without any form of padding.

With short-term storage, shoes and boots only require light support. A shoetree can provide this before you place them in your storage area.

Long-term shoe storage in Kannapolis NC

Long-term shoe storage varies from the storage of your most frequently worn shoes. Shoes, which will be not worn for a week or more, need bracing. Wooden shoehorns and stretchers are a good choice for keeping shoes in shape.

You must use the right size, to avoid stretching. You can find adjustable stretchers for shoes. These allow you to custom fit them to your needs. Before inserting, allow shoes to rest for at least a day. This will allow any residual moisture to escape.

Acid-free paper will absorb moisture and maintain the correct level in the shoe. Be careful not to use newspaper because the ink can leech from the paper. Paper may not have sufficient bulk to support larger boots. However, unbleached muslin fabric can be an excellent alternative. Muslin absorbs moisture.

Self storage shoe containers in Kannapolis NC

Specialized shoe storage options come in all shapes and sizes. The ideal storage container will depend how long you will keep your footwear inside your storage facility.

Shoeboxes deliver the best level of protection. These stop dust, sunlight and extreme temperatures. Boxing any shoes will help preserve them for longer. This is more the case with vintage leather shoes. Plastic totes are a great option, and no matter which you use, be sure your shoes and boots are thoroughly clean and dry to prevent mold.

Climate controlled storage facilities are ideal for shoe collections

Climate-controlled storage units in Kannapolis NC are ideal for shoe collections. Temperature and humidity can turn leather brittle and weaken any other materials along with making any glue less effective. If you keep many shoes in an attic or basement, you can find they are no longer fit to wear after a few months in those conditions.

Climate controlled storage units are fantastic as they maintain a steady temperature and humidity levels that are ideal for shoes and boots.

The right shoe storage in Kannapolis NC

While it can be good to keep all your footwear at home. A family may have too many pairs and they quickly stop being any use when dumped around the home.

Climate controlled storage units are ideal, but finding the right one can take some homework. To prevent this, you can contact Mr. Storage and the storage staff will run through all you need to find out about storing boots, shoes and any other leather products you may have.

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