What is climate controlled storage in Concord NC?

climate controlled storage in Concord, NC

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Climate-controlled storage understanding will differ among storage companies and regions. But the most common variation between climate control and temperature control will be humidity. Temperature controlled storage facilities manage the temperature. Climate controlled facilities handle climate and moisture.

Humidity and temperature work together and deal with moisture levels inside a storage unit. When humidity rises, so does the capacity of the air to hold heat. When humidity levels drop, it will keep temperatures low.

How climate-controlled storage works

Concord NC climate controlled storage facilities use HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, adjustable thermostats and lots of heavy-duty insulation. All this regulates temperature and humidity.

Over time dehumidifiers are the best to manage humidity, but air conditioners are better to drop humidity levels.

These AC units change humidity fast by plunging the temperature inside the storage unit to below the dew point. Dehumidifiers are more power efficient for controlling humidity than air conditioning alone.

Climate controlled storage vs. temperature controlled storage. What’s the difference?

Temperature controlled self storage units will only have their temperature managed. Local Concord NC storage facilities with climate controlled units typically manage temperature and humidity.

Climate controlled storage facilities have industrial dehumidifiers and HVAC systems. The two main types being desiccant and mechanical. Desiccant uses a drying chemical substance like silica gel packets in jars.

This removes moisture from the air. These desiccant dehumidifiers use heat as their energy source, so, they can run off waste heat from other processes. While offering a cost saving, these desiccant dehumidifiers are not as effective at controlling extreme humidity than their mechanical dehumidifier counterparts.

Mechanical dehumidifiers, are the most common models you will see. These run the same as any home AC unit and use a refrigerant to remove moisture from the air. Although superior at managing extreme humidity, they are less energy efficient than the desiccant types.

What are the correct levels of humidity?

For the safety of your belongings, aim for around 55% humidity. Most things store well in this range. Most storage facilities aim for around 55% unless renters specify something different. If humidity is above 55%, items suffer because of the higher levels of moisture.

Are storage facility owners responsible for damaged items in Concord NC?

In brief, no, the storage facility isn’t responsible for damage when their units are advertised as climate controlled storage. Tenants often assume the facility guarantees exact temperatures or humidity levels at all times.

To avoid liability, storage tenants need to make their lease agreement includes a definition covering their understanding of “climate-controlled.” If you want to know more how this can affect you, and at what levels you can expect, call Mr. Storage and the staff will run through everything and show you the levels that their climate controlled storage units are held.

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