What should I know about storage in Salisbury NC?

Storage is available in a variety of options, and one of the most popular is climate controlled storage. It is essential for the tenant to know all about this type of storage, and how there is a difference between climate control and temperature control.

Temperature controlled units control the temperature. Climate-controlled facilities handle temperature, humidity and dust. Humidity and temperatures affect moisture levels within a storage unit. As soon as the humidity increases, the ability of the surrounding air to retain heat increases. As these humidity levels decrease, it keeps temperatures low.

How climate do controlled storage options work?

HVAC is utilized in Salisbury NC’s climate-controlled storage facilities. Dehumidifiers, thermostats and lots of insulation can also be used. All of these regulate temperature and humidity.

To control humidity over time, dehumidifiers are the recommended option; however, air conditioners work best to reduce humidity levels.

What’s the difference of climate controlled storage and temperature controlled storage

Temperature controlled storage units shall only have their temperature monitored. Local Salisbury NC storage facilities with air-conditioned units often manage temperature and humidity. The two primary types are industrial dehumidifiers and HVAC systems, which are desiccant and mechanical. The desiccant employs drying chemicals such as silica gel packs that remove moisture from the air.

Desiccant dehumidifiers use warmth as their energy source. These dehumidifiers remove waste heat from other processes. This provides storage facilities with a cost savings, but desiccant dehumidifiers are not able to control extreme humidity as effectively as mechanical dehumidifiers are. Mechanical dehumidifiers are the more common models you’ll see. They work the same way as any household AC unit and use refrigerant to eliminate moisture from the air. While they are better at handling extreme humidity, they are far less energy efficient than desiccant types.

What are the ideal humidity levels?

For the security of your belongings, ensure that humidity is approximately 55%. Most belongings are stored in this range. The majority of storage facilities target around 55% or so unless tenants specify otherwise. If the humidity is greater than 55%, goods will suffer from the higher humidity levels.  

Will a Salisbury NC storage facility be liable for damage?

In brief, no, the storage facility isn’t responsible for damage when their units are advertised as climate controlled storage. Tenants often assume the facility guarantees exact temperatures or humidity levels at all times.

If you want to know more how this affects you, and at what levels you can expect, call Mr. Storage and the staff will run through everything and show you the levels their climate controlled storage units are held at most of the time

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