Top storage space in Kannapolis NC

Storage space in Kannapolis, NC, could be essential when searching for a place to put your carpets and rugs. Although you think you can store them at home, the carpets will be as long as a room when they are rolled up. 

It would help if you had the right amount of space and the right conditions, or you may be looking at a damaged carpet and rug in your hands. Below are the preferred ways you can store carpets and rugs in Kannapolis, NC, so that they don’t lose their form or attract vermin and smells.  

Clean your carpet before using Kannapolis, NC storage space 

To commence with your carpet storage, you need to be sure your carpet has a proper cleaning vacuum cleaner. Try using a high-quality vacuum cleaner to collect as much dirt and particles as you can. 

For some valuable carpets and rugs, you have to take care not to vacuum sensitive fibers and not damage them. After vacuuming is finished, you can clean carpets according to the factory’s instructions. 

You may use various cleaning methods according to the carpet materials, yet, a professional carpet cleaner is a better option. They understand how to clean, and your carpet will be almost dry when they finish.

Check Kannapolis, NC storage space for pests 

When putting your carpets and rugs into your new storage space, take time to guard them against moths and other insects. Specialized insect and moth repellents formulated for textiles can be used. 

Furthermore, wrapping your carpet is useful if you transport it and ship it to your storage space in Kannapolis, NC. Such extra protective layers can keep insects, dirt, and residues off the carpet, which can all lead to damage. 

Besides insects, the one thing that spoils a carpet most is moisture, and it is vital to maintain your carpet off the floor. Due to their length, you’ll most likely lay your carpets out, which you’ll do on wooden or plastic pallets. 

Top storage space that is climate controlled is best since these have the right environment and are away from sunlight.

Kannapolis, NC top storage space for carpets

If you place your rugs and carpets in a storage space for the long-term, you need to unroll them every few months to let them breathe. Simultaneously, you can check for insects and pests or any stains that may have appeared because of moisture. 

For more information on the top storage space for carpets and rugs with climate-controlled storage space, contact Mr. Storage. The professional staff will be able to offer you further advice and suggestions.

If you are new to storage, you may also find that you do not need to visit the office to set up your account or pay your bills. You can do all this online, which is a time saver for your carpet deposit.

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