Affordable, secure storage for you

Affordable, secure storage can save lots of worries if you are on a long trip or traveling for an extended period. Many Kannapolis homeowners ask their families and their friends, when they are away, to watch their house, but how many times will they verify that your home is safe?

Here are some reasons why using your local storage units is the best option while you are away.

Things are safe with affordable, secure storage

When your important goods have been packaged and stored at your nearest storage facility. They’re in expert hands, and you’ll know the professional Kannapolis, NC affordable, secure storage units provide you with a clean atmosphere. Besides this, there are climate-controlled storage units available if you have something that requires a particular temperature.

You may decide to extend your trip, depending on your situation. You won’t have time limits on your affordable, secure storage contract as they are very flexible. You won’t find your items removed from your storage facility in Kannapolis and left along the roadside. Until you come home, your things are safe so long as you pay bills, which you can now do online.

Why don’t you use friends or family members?

Some people opt to ask friends or members of the family to look after things. This may seem to be the best and cheapest choice, but the room is restricted and uncomfortable. How long is it to store items for another person? It is without question the best way to make a long trip with affordable, secure storage.

Take out insurance for Kannapolis affordable, secure storage

Following on from having a family member or friend store your things. If the worst happens and they are robbed, or a fire breaks out.

There’s a slim chance you’ll get something back, yet you will need to ensure these things during your rental time if the storage unit is used. In most situations, when you use an affordable, secure storage unit, the insurance won’t be used, yet you get peace of mind, and some storage facilities require you to have insurance.

Return to Kannapolis, NC, after your vacation

You may need something from one of your boxes when you get home, depending on the time. It’s possible that knocking on your family or friends’ door in the middle of the night will create a rift. Mr. Storage, your nearby storage partner, offers storage access outside of business hours in case you need anything.

When you arrive, call our hotline, and we’ll make sure you have keys to your storage unit, no matter what time it is. You can even have a set of keys and make use of the 24-hour access.

Contact Mr. Storage and you’ll find you can pay your bills or set up any storage needs online.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.