Affordable self-storage in Harrisburg NC can be appealing if you find yourself without a home due to financial hardship or natural disaster. For some, they may have family or friends to turn to, yet there are some in a strange area or not in a position to call on anyone.  Could be living in a storage unit where you keep belongings be a solution?

Here you can find out why these affordable self storage units are not viable or safe and not allowed by the storage rental company.

Can you live in your Harrisburg affordable storage unit?

Various municipal and federal housing restrictions make living in a storage unit illegal. To abide by the law and most insurance plans, storage facilities should evict any person found living on the premises.

This prohibition is in place for a good cause. To begin with, living in an affordable self storage unit is dangerous. It is also prohibited to live in an area that is not zoned as suitable for residential use.

Do people live in secure self storage?

Many have tried it and often been found out and had to leave. Even though renting a storage unit is substantially less expensive than renting an apartment, most people prefer not to live here. People who are desperate and homeless are the ones that try, at least temporarily, to live in storage units.

People living in storage units are less likely to be found in well-maintained establishments with security cameras and secured gates. Mr. Storage takes security very seriously and monitors facilities regularly.

Why is affordable self storage unsafe to live in?

Here are a few reasons living in a storage unit is illegal because of safety.

  • The doors lock from the outside: Most storage unit doors roll up and lock from the outside. Many storage facilities perform repeated walkthroughs during their shift to ensure all doors are closed and locked. If you live inside a unit, you may become locked inside. At best, this may make you feel a little uncomfortable for the rest of the night.
  • Affordable self storage has no natural light or water: Natural light and running water are two elements that we all require. People who live in a storage unit may become unhappy, sluggish, and claustrophobic because of their living arrangements. Children are especially vulnerable to a lack of space and light. If you choose to live in a storage unit, you must spend most of your time outside the unit or sit quietly and discreetly inside it because doing so is unlawful. In any case, your options for showering and using the restroom will be limited. Personal hygiene diminishes, and health problems might arise when there is no clean, running water.
  • Cooking is a fire hazard: A variety of actions could cause a fire within an affordable self storage unit. People attempting to use stoves or grills lacking sufficient ventilation is one of the most likely causes. Regrettably, people who are living in an affordable storage unit are frequently to blame for fires.

Reliable storage facilities in Harrisburg are secure

Most storage facilities are well-equipped with cameras and security systems, so hiding out in a storage unit for an extended period is improbable. If you are detected, you may face civil charges and lose access to your unit and valuables.

Never should you try living in a storage unit. The severity of this problem is difficult to assess as it can vary by region. Homelessness manifests itself in various ways, and an unknown number of people try to live in storage units.

No person wishes to see another without anywhere to live, yet if you are unsure, you can speak to Mr. Storage, and they will go through what you can and can’t do with your affordable self storage units. Contact the office, and you can learn how easy it is to set up your account online and pay your bills.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.