Drive-up access storage in Concord NC is vital when trying to store carpets and rugs. Even when you think you can keep them at home, they can be longer than your rooms at home when rolled up.

When using local self-storage, you also need to be sure you have the right conditions in your storage, or you could find your carpets and rugs damaged beyond repair.

To avoid losing their form and attracting pests and odors, here are the best ways to store carpets and rugs in storage units in Concord, NC.

Clean carpets and rugs before drive-up access storage are used

To start your carpet storage process, use a high-quality vacuum to clean your carpet thoroughly and collect as much dirt and microscopic particles as possible. With some valuable carpets and rugs, you must be careful not to vacuum the sensitive fibers and damage them.

After vacuuming, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean the carpet. Cleaning methods may vary, but a professional carpet or rug cleaner will be more effective. Ensure you check the label before using the techniques described.

Before taking your carpets and rugs to storage, you need to make sure they are thoroughly dried, as this can lead to potential mold issues once rolled up.

Be wary of pests and dampness in Concord, NC storage 

Be extra cautious when storing carpet in a drive-up access storage unit. You can use fabric-specific insect and moth repellents.

It is advisable to wrap your carpet during transport and wrap it correctly for storage in your Concord, NC storage units. Do not use plastic but use multiple layers of sheeting for protection so that the carpet will be dirt and pest resistant. Another reason to keep carpets off the floor is to avoid insects taking a keen interest in them.

It is advisable to keep a rolled-up carpet flat on wooden or plastic pallets as this can prevent damp seeping in. Finally, make sure you stack nothing on top, or this could flatten and damage your carpet.

Top drive-up access storage in Concord NC

When storing carpets and rugs in long-term drive-up access storage, try to unroll them periodically so you can check there are no bugs, vermin, or stains present.

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