Local storage in Salisbury, NC, can be used to store furniture no matter the motive. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to keep the furniture. When relocating, clearing, or downsizing, storing furniture items is a reasonable solution. The durability of household furniture is excellent under ambient settings. However, since they are susceptible to humidity, temperature variations, dampness, and filth, it is vital to perform some pre-work before storage to ensure that they are not exposed to the elements to the greatest extent possible. There are local storages where you can keep your furniture safe for a few weeks or months. The following are some storage suggestions to keep your furniture in excellent condition while it is being stored in a safe place.

Choose storage in a climate-controlled environment

Local storage experts say that extreme temperatures and fluctuating humidity levels may cause furniture items to become brittle and prone to damage. To store furniture, it is recommended that you rent a climate-controlled storage facility. Extreme heat and freezing temperatures may also cause warping, breaking, and melting of your household items. High humidity may foster the formation of mold or mildew on mattresses and other furniture, which can result in rotting or swelling of the things.

Ensure that all items are cleaned thoroughly

A local storage specialist always advises clients on how dirt and food particles may discolor furniture and mattresses, attract bugs, and encourage mildew formation. Cleaning up after pets is also important. These dangers may be reduced, and any harm can be avoided by thoroughly cleaning everything before putting them in storage. Remember, the goal is to store the furniture for future use, not condemn them.

Furniture should be dismantled

Before transporting furniture, take apart all the large and heavy pieces you can. This makes transporting and storing objects in the unit more effortless, as well as providing more space for air circulation and storing more items. Additionally, it may free up additional space in the unit. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Legs from couches, chairs, and tables should be removed.
  • Take the drawers out of the chests and dressers.
  • Keep headboards, mattresses, box springs, and footboards separate from the rest of the bed.
  • To ensure that you don’t lose any hardware, make sure that each item has a matching bag of nuts, bolts, and screws connected to it.

Top local storage in Salisbury, NC for your furniture

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