Concord’s local storage experts help aspiring renters plan ahead

Concord’s local storage experts recommend considering a few things when shopping for self-storage. These include the location of the facilities, level of security, ease of access, and standard of the facilities, among many others. While the cheapest option is not always the best, affordability is still a big factor.

Factors that influence storage price

Unit size

It’s not advisable to stuff your items in a small unit. Neither should you choose a unit that’s too big for your items to avoid overspending. Instead, do some research to get the best value from your investment. Rent out a storage unit that’s right for you by looking at size guides and asking the facility’s staff for guidance. Typically, customers are billed by the square foot of the space. It’s also common for facilities to provide discounts per square foot, getting slightly cheaper when you opt for a larger unit.

Length of stay

Needless to say, a storage unit’s cost will vary based on how long you keep your possessions. The longer the length of stay, the costlier it will be. Some facilities also have minimum duration requirements. First-time renters can receive an introductory discount for the first couple of weeks or months, which could be ideal when searching for temporary storage. But if you plan on staying for longer, taking advantage of long-term discounts is the way to go. Some facilities even offer discounts to certain occupations like the military.


The location of the facility significantly influences storage costs. Similar to other things in life, facilities near city centers have a higher price tag. Opting for options near rural areas and away from cities can save you money.

Amenities and access

Storage facilities provide different levels of security for the safety of your belongings. These features can include round-the-clock security, state-of-the-art CCTV, and code entry access to name a few. A clean, well-maintained facility will also cost more.

Accessibility is also another factor to consider. You need to make sure that you can access your belongings at will. But this access is not available to anyone who could pose risk to your belongings. However, every good thing comes at a cost. A facility that offers 24/7 access will likely cost more than those that don’t.

Indoor vs. outdoor

Storage facilities have different types of units. These are indoor and outdoor storage choices. Keep in mind that they have varying advantages and disadvantages. For instance, outdoor units allow you to drive up to the unit for easier access and convenience. But you will have a few things to worry about, including weather issues and the dry units. Alternatives are the indoor storage units that are more secure and kept dry but may be situated on upper-floor locations.

Choose Concord’s best local storage experts

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