Local storage units will allow you space to aid with your move

Local storage units in Harrisburg NC are the perfect space to store items when moving. Moving can be stressful, so the storage units can help you make the move easier. Here are some tips to remember during your move.

Have proper supplies

Having the right moving goods organized is crucial for a stress-free move. These products are among the most common needed to protect against harm to your goods during shipping and keep them organized. They range from robust boxes to high-quality tape and bubble wrap. Additional packing materials that may be useful include: moving kits for dishes and furniture, tape guns, shrink wrap, and mattress and furniture covers.

These things help you move more quickly and avoid having to make do during a time when you might have fewer household products on hand. Additionally, storage spaces give you the option of protecting your valuables before, during, and after your relocation.

Disassemble large items to make them movable

When it’s feasible, spend some time taking desks, mattresses, and wardrobes apart. This not only creates room for more boxes to be stacked in your car or moving truck, but it also makes moving furniture easier and helps to avoid dents and dings. Take pictures of each phase to help with reassembly if you no longer have the furniture’s instructions for the breakdown.

To prevent anything from getting lost or being mismatched with the wrong item, tape any little pieces or screws that come with your furniture to the furniture.

Pack ahead of the move

It all boils down to how you pack your goods to avoid harm. Here are some crucial suggestions to bear in mind when packing, however, this is by no means a full list:

  • Wrap breakable things like dishes and glasses in bubble wrap or wrapping paper, and label boxes holding breakables with the word “FRAGILE” on all sides.
  • To avoid overpacking, always put the heaviest items in the smallest boxes.
  • To stop products from shifting during transit, cover any gaps or open spaces in boxes with newspaper or packing peanuts.
  • To prevent moving, group boxes of the same size together.
  • To prevent wrinkling, curtains and clothing can be placed in wardrobe boxes, while light goods like linens can be folded away in dresser drawers.

Find a local storage unit in Harrisburg NC

Moving can be challenging, but having a storage unit can help make it easier. Find the best local storage unit in Harrisburg NC for convenience when moving.

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