Local storage units can help prevent stored tires from getting dry rot

Local storage units in Kannapolis NC can help you keep your tires in the best condition. Tire rubber that has lost its moisture and grown hard and brittle is said to have undergone dry rot. Tires that have acquired dry rot past a certain point must be replaced because of their decreased flexibility, which makes them more likely to blow out while being driven on.

In tires that have been sitting still for three months or longer, dry deterioration is more common. This is due to the fact that resins and oils found within rubber keep tires moist; in order for these oils to function, they require downward pressure, which is produced by regular, weighted contact with the road when driving. Your tires won’t have this defense against moisture evaporation if they aren’t being driven on. There are many measures you can take to make sure that your tires experience the least amount of deterioration while in storage, even though keeping tires in storage can increase their likelihood of developing dry rot. The next section will go through how to maintain the condition of stored tires.

Keep them away from sunlight

The oils and resins that keep tires moist deteriorate under the influence of UV light and finally leak out of the tire’s surface. Tires are therefore much more likely to have dry rot if they are often stored in direct sunlight. We stressed the need of storing your automobile beneath a weatherproof cover in our guide on prepping a car for long-term storage. Your tires should be shielded from UV rays, dust, and debris if you make sure that this weatherproof cover is long enough to cover them. Therefore, if you are storing your car in an area that allows light to enter, covering it is very crucial.

Clean the tires

Muddy tires are more vulnerable to dry rot. This is because some of the oils that keep the rubber moist are lifted out as the mud’s moisture evaporates off the tire’s surface. Therefore, before you place your car into long-term storage, you should clean any mud or debris off the surface of your tires. Warm water and a tiny bit of dishwashing liquid or hand soap work best for cleaning tires.

Have constant temperature

Tire dry rot can be hastened by temperatures between 68- and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to how frequent, abrupt temperature changes can cause dry rotting by accelerating tire evaporation. If at all feasible, keep your car in a climate-controlled area with a temperature that is just a little bit lower than that of a typical room (55-59 Fahrenheit is ideal)

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