Mini-storage units can help keep your items safe as you settle into college

Mini-storage facility in Salisbury NC offers you extra room for your personal items once you get to college. It can be incredibly stressful in the months leading up to the start of your freshman year of college. Many incoming freshmen are unclear about what they truly need to bring with them on move-in day because they have little information about their dorm room and layout. The recommendation list that your school or university may have available on their website is a nice place to start, however, these lists are frequently condensed. It’s crucial to pack as little as possible—enough to be cozy and ready—to fit in a small dorm room.


Making the most of your tiny space is key to living in a dorm. Under your bed is a fantastic place to put extra storage. Numerous colleges and institutions permit you to raise your bed a few feet above the ground, creating a storage area underneath for other stuff. You can also rent a storage unit to keep extra items that will not fit in your dorm.


In college, sleep is crucial, therefore having a comfy bed is essential. Bedding essentials including sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and a comforter shouldn’t be overlooked. A nice mattress will also allow for considerably better sleep because dorm mattresses are infamous for being rigid.

Cleaning supplies

Since dorm rooms are such compact areas, they can become unclean quite quickly. It’s a good idea to always have disinfecting wipes on hand because they make cleaning your space quick and simple. Additionally necessary for quick clean-ups are paper towels and a handheld vacuum for the inevitable crumbs and grime that will accumulate in your dorm. Purchase dish soap to clean the reusable cups, plates, and other objects between usage if you have a kitchen or intend to retain them.

Cooking items and foods

Having food alternatives in your room is vital for times when you don’t want to walk to the dining hall or need a late-night study snack, even though the majority of freshmen are obliged to purchase a meal plan. The best foods are those that don’t spoil easily, including Ramen, chips, and cereal. Your food can be kept fresh with Tupperware, Ziploc bags, and chip clips.

Any food can be served in plastic cups, bowls, and cutlery or disposable substitutes. You can transport beverages like water or coffee from class to class using a reusable water bottle and an insulated drink tumbler. Make sure to review the cooking electronic policies at your school because many appliances, including toasters and full-size coffee makers, are forbidden.

Find the best mini-storage facility in Salisbury NC

Storage units help you settle in better and faster in your college life. Reserve the best mini-storage unit in Salisbury NC for the best results.

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