Mini-storage units protect your personal items, but you should keep them clean.

Mini-storage units in Concord NC keep your personal items safe, but you must organize and clean it often. It’s not always fun to clean and empty a storage facility that you inherited, won at auction, or haven’t been to in a while. Here’s a practical approach to cleaning out a storage unit.

Have an inventory of your items

Take a quick inventory of the contents of the unit after scanning it, which should be your first action. If you have a storage unit that you inherited, purchased at auction, or have had hanging around for months, follow these steps. You could have to do this procedure fast and, in less detail, if you won the unit at auction.

Make an area that is open either inside or outside the unit. If you only have a small amount of room, make one unoccupied spot so you can organize. If there isn’t enough space within the unit, you can process products outside the area by erecting a temporary pop-up canopy. Keep in mind that you must tidy up your mess and clean out your unit during business hours. Avert using your items to block anyone else’s unit.

Sort the items

The Four-Box Declutter method is a practical way to thoroughly sift through and purge your belongings. The basic idea behind this method is to separate everything into four empty boxes: a keep, throw, donate/sell, and storage box.

  • You can take goods from the keep box and carry them home from your storage facility.
  • Things that will remain in storage are sorted in the storage box.
  • For anything you want to sell or donate, you’ll have a sale box.
  • Anything that can no longer be fixed will be placed in the final box, which is a discarded box.

Get rid of excess items

Renting the storage unit for an extra month while you sell some items can make sense if you have a lot of precious items. If you followed the preceding instructions, you ought to have the storage unit divided into the four categories of “toss,” “keep,” “store,” and “sell/donate.” After organizing is finished, it’s time to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit.

Work with the best mini-storage units in Concord NC

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