Are cheap storage units a way to save money?

Mini storage solutions repeatedly come to mind for homeowners who are plotting to move or downsize. At a point which can be packed of stress, why would anybody wish to add to this by using a storage facility that doesn’t provide an adequate spectrum of services?

There are a few questions to ask, and elements that need considering before renting a cheap self-storage unit. Many local mini storage companies offer deals, but are these in your interest?  Read more to find out if these deals are right and can save you money.

Cheap mini storage facilities don’t mean you will spend less money

When decluttering, remodeling, or moving home, many families finish up holding onto their storage unit longer than they predicted. Knowing running costs like these is crucial when budgets might already be stretched.  With plenty of storage facilities scattered around, there is no reason to stand for lousy customer service.

What should I ask a storage company in Salisbury, NC?

Here are some of the questions that need asking about any storage you might be considering leasing.

  • Does the facility keep duplicate keys?
  • Is the facility clean and tidy?
  • Are all mini storage units clean and dry, and well maintained?
  • Do the storage compound gates have limited access?
  • Is the storage facility in a good location with easy access?
  • Does the company offer expert advice and not all sales talk?
  • Are there any lock-in periods?

Is there 24-hour secure access to storage units?

With crucial code access, most storage facilities in Salisbury NC allow 24-hour access. However, this is worth checking because one of the most frustrating things is finding there is no access after a particular time unless the staff is called out.

Along with this, the company must provide 24-hour CCTV surveillance of the facility. You should have the only key or the opportunity to purchase your lock, so keep the keys safe, and always know who has access to your mini storage units.

Salisbury NC affordable storage offers more than cheap

Storage of your belongings shouldn’t bring any excess worry or stress. These facilities are there to make things easier for tenants. Reputable companies are doing all they can to provide the best level of service while remaining affordable.

If you have any questions that need answering regarding mini storage or any of the small print on a storage lease, be sure to call Mr. Storage, and the helpful staff will be happy to run through every detail with a fine toothcomb.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.