Secure self-storage is used to house many things for local Concord, NC residents. It stores everything from tools to crucial documents and family heirlooms and works of art. Whatever you intend to store in your storage units, your Concord storage facility will work hard to keep it safe by employing various security methods.

It can’t, however, protect you from everything inside your secure self-storage unit. Inadequate packaging can lead things to fall out and pour into the boxes surrounding them, causing harm.

By storing items, you shouldn’t, you risk exposing your belongings and others around you to pests.

How can I stop pests in Concord secure self-storage?

A range of pests may be attracted to your secure self-storage unit by certain things. Birds, rodents, and insects, for example, may find their way into your self-storage unit. Here are some suggestions for keeping them out and protecting your possessions if they get in.

Don’t leave food in storage units 

Keeping pests out of your secure self-storage facility begins with preventing pests from entering your mini-storage facility. Some folks may require a unit to store food that they have purchased in bulk or carry with them on camping vacations.

Food should never be stored in a unit, regardless of how properly packaged or sealed it is. Rodents can nibble on almost anything and harm your belongings and containers if you do so. Keep food in the pantry where it belongs.

Use sealed containers 

Keeping your belongings in the correct type of container will help keep pests out of your secure self-storage facility and prevent them from causing damage. Moths, for example, devour cloth and leave holes.

If these small creatures gain access to your unit, storing your garments in sealed plastic containers can help protect them. Natural insect repellents, such as cedar blocks (mothballs stink), can help keep them away from your secure self-storage unit.

Cover to protect your things

Whether you’re storing artwork, furniture, or gadgets, ensure they’re protected with a breathable but long-lasting covering.

Birds can get into secure self-storage units on the way, resulting in bird droppings within your unit. You can protect unwrapped items from bird droppings and dust by covering them.

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By following some basic rules, residents can help their local storage facilities keep their belongings safe and damage-free while in secure self-storage.

One of the best things with a secure self-storage depot now is that you can set up your unit and pay all your bills without heading to the storage facility office. You can make life easier by doing all this online.

If you have questions regarding the ways, we keep your belongings safe.
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