Secure self-storage for your belongings

Secure self-storage is on everyone’s mind when they leave their belongings in a strange area. Storage units can be safe but face daily hazards from many areas. Such items pose threats to your belongings and units next to yours in a secure self-storage facility. It is because of this why rental companies have a list of items that can never be stored.

Unfortunately, some people disregard this and prefer to store anything they like in their Concord NC storage unit, hoping that nothing goes wrong. If you want to quickly learn what not to store, you can find a few items here you should never keep in secure self-storage units.

Food and perishable items

At the top of the list of self-storage threats, you can never have in your storage unit’s contents is food and anything perishable.

Canned goods are fine, yet boxed food or pet food should not be included. All perishable foods spoil and pose a health risk to the other occupants of the secure self-storage facility. Additionally, they serve as an attractant for insects and rodents. Before moving things in, make sure to vacuum the furniture or vehicles you are putting in storage.

Concord secure self-storage means no hazardous liquids

Leakage is one of the most apparent reasons why liquids should not be stored in a secure self-storage unit. The issue with this is that you will ruin everything you were holding, and it has the potential to spread over the floor of your storage unit, destroying all of your belongings.

Many liquids, such as oil, paints, and solvents, are more hazardous than others. Water may also be a hazard if it is contained in a storage unit. Extended bottled water storage in warm environments from a climate-controlled device will result in the release of chemicals and pose health risks.

Flammables and explosives are a no in storage units

This is a collection of objects that Concord NC storage companies emphasize tenants can never store. If a fire does occur, combustible objects will spread, making it more difficult for the fire department to extinguish it.

The risks of self-storage are exacerbated when fire services are unfamiliar with the facility. Something as seemingly harmless as fireworks can pose significant risks, and if ignited, can set fire to the remainder of your storage pieces.

Concord NC top storage facilities outline dos and don’ts

These regulations apply to local secure self-storage facilities to ensure that each occupant in their storage units is protected from unforeseen self-storage hazards. Some renters, however, attempt to store some of the objects mentioned above in storage units.

Although it may not always cause damage to those using local storage facilities, it also results in the destruction of their belongings.

If you’re unsure what you should store and what you shouldn’t, contact Mr. Storage and our experts will discuss which things are safe to keep within your storage units and the best way to care for your belongings.

One of the other things you can find is that it’s possible to arrange your secure self-storage units and pay bills online with no need to visit the office in your busy times.

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