Secure self-storage units in Harrisburg NC can become the highest quality locations to preserve a baseball card collection. When climate-controlled units are employed, they provide all the conditions to keep collections safe and secure. Baseball cards are merely the start for so many individuals in this pastime, which could last a lifetime.

If you’re a card or memorabilia collector, here are some tips for preserving the quality and value of your collections while using secure self-storage in your area.

Harrisburg secure self-storage can mean climate control 

The condition of sports cards, or any other collectible cards, is critical. There are high-grade and low-grade cards in the collector market, with price differences ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you intend to sell your cards, you must keep them in as near-mint condition as possible.

To begin, double-check that each card is secure. Individual holders can be used for this, or you can use ring binders that come with protecting pages.

Experienced collectors recommend being extra cautious when inserting cards to avoid denting the corners. Proper climatic conditions must be met, which is why climate-controlled storage in a secure self-storage facility is advised.

Secure self-storage organization for card collections

Cards in sleeves or holders are lovely to display, but never keep cards or other memorabilia out in the open for an extended period. You can buy special card storage boxes or use regular boxes with protective spacers to keep your cards secure.

You might be tempted to jam many cards into a box or binder, but having various containers is safer. This is better for the cards and will make it easier to sort and separate them; in addition, one of the last things you want to do while storing a baseball card collection in a Harrisburg, NC storage unit. Is to stack boxes on the floor. You can keep boxes off the floor by using garage storage shelves in your climate-controlled unit.

Your cards and cardboard boxes would absorb moisture from concrete flooring, which can quickly damage a nice card collection. Shelves make it easier to keep things organized, and you can pick your filing system such as by year, team, or any other filing system you choose.

Find the top Harrisburg NC storage facilities

A secure self-storage unit is kept within a predetermined temperature range with climate-controlled storage. It avoids humidity swings and allows storage units to be protected from the outdoors.

A baseball card collection will be vulnerable to whatever the weather does outside if this is not done. Mold and mildew can wreak havoc on cards, so it’s best to keep these conditions away from your storage unit altogether. Because not every storage facility will have all the features you desire, it’s better to look for one that does.

Contact Mr. Storage to ensure you have the right conditions and a secure self-storage facility for your valuable collection. The staff will assist you in determining the best-sized storage unit and the best ways to care for your essential collection.

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