Do you need the ideal winter storage space?

The best self storage in Harrisburg NC for bicycles is not for those who will work on bike every day. This is for fans who may have several bikes and the need to be care and work on them in a designated area. Bikes are continually exposed to adverse weather conditions, road debris, mud and more.

With all your bikes, you can do much better for them than lean them in the corner of a garage.

Read below and see how to store your bike properly, and provide the care necessary to be ready in good condition for the next mud clogging session.

Self storage makes great bike garages

Mountain bikes can have large and bulky frames, and can be a challenge to store, especially if you have little space. In your local Harrisburg NC storage facility, you can use bike storage racks, this is the best way to store bicycles because it keeps them safe and hanging against the wall. This will save space and protect the bike.

This gives you plenty of working space while you occupy a bike in the center of the storage unit.

Taking care of your bike in climate controlled self storage units

The best self storage in Harrisburg NC for bicycles will be air-conditioned because it can stop any excess moisture that may expose any part of your bike to rust or corrosion. It also makes it easier to work on your bikes when you need to prepare them for your next outing.

Remove dirt in the first step before storing it. Then lubricate the chain and inflate the tires to the recommended pressure. This is a good practice for any vehicle with tires, as it preserves the rubber.

Bike storage space in Harrisburg NC

Still, it is vital to protect your bike by storing it in an optimal environment, no matter what the weather. Cold spells are coming, and working on your bike in extreme cold can be horrible. Climate controlled self storage can make things much more comfortable and works wonders with your bike components.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, which causes bicycle materials to fade and can degrade tires. On top of that, you have all your cycling gear, and while it’s easy to store, these conditions are more than ideal. Helmets are an exception; you have to take care of them to make sure they remain comfortable and safe. The best bicycle storage units will be in and out of the outside elements and the sun.

Harrisburg NC bike riding weather is ending

As an enthusiastic cyclist, you’ll want to take care of all your gear during the winter. This means your bike will stay in perfect condition. If you need space where you can keep it safe and do any type of maintenance before spring, you should call Mr. Storage, and the staff there will check the sizes of the units that come with the climate control so you have the best bike self storage space, workspace and garage all in one.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.