Self-storage units will help store extra pet items

A self-storage unit in Kannapolis NC allows extra space for your pets to move around. We adore our pets, so when we move, we want to make sure they’re comfortable. Moving is hard for our furry family members and the change is stressful. Although it’s simple to get overwhelmed by the stress of moving and ignore our dogs, we’ve put up 4 steps to help you move with them successfully. You can put your pet’s extra toys in storage while you move.

Choose the best location

The lives of our pets are greatly impacted by where you are going. The quality of life for our pets can vary depending on whether you’re moving into an apartment or a house. Dogs and cats have distinct requirements. Dogs are on a case-by-case basis, whereas cats are more likely to thrive in a variety of environments.


The greatest thing you can do for your pet is to maintain as much of their normal schedule as you can, but we know it can be challenging, so coming up with a plan can make all the difference. Cats in particular dislike change, but you may help them get used to it by starting early and going slowly.

Moving preparation

Your pets should be gradually accustomed to their crate during the weeks preceding the move to prepare them. Feeding them in their crates, first with the door open and then with it locked, is a simple way to accomplish this. Preparing your pet to be carried while in the crate is advantageous if they are tiny enough. Short journeys in their crates can assist your pet to become used to the movement they will encounter. It’s a good idea to start by walking from one location inside to another. To assist you to get ready for the actual relocation, you can then practice by making brief automobile journeys.

Settling in and proofing

Once you move into your new home, you might believe the stress is over, but your pets still need to get used to it. Your pets may feel overcrowded if you recently relocated from a smaller location to a larger one. Start by deciding on a space that will serve as your pet’s primary residence. Here will be where they will put their food and waste. You can take the opportunity to pet-proof your home while they are exploring it, lowering the chance of illness or harm by installing gates, and safety locks on cabinets, and transferring poisonous plants or food to secure locations. To slow the process, you can gradually start opening doors while leaving others closed.

Find the best self-storage facility in Kannapolis NC

Moving with pets can be tricky, but following these tips can help you make a huge difference. Reserve a self-storage facility in Kannapolis NC to keep your items for free space at home and make the move easier for you and your pets.

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