Self-storage in Concord for my pool table

Self-storage could become an excellent method of storing many types of sports tables; you must take special care of them when transporting them to your local storage facility. There are a few things to consider in terms of preservation and how to transport them to your local NC storage facility.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s a rundown of how to disassemble a pool table and store it effectively in your Concord storage facility.

Do you have the suitable self-storage materials?

When you have a sports table, dismantling it may need the use of tools, and a pool table can be the most difficult to disassemble. You might think it’s just detaching the legs, but pool tables are intricately crafted and require special treatment.

You’ll need a drill, various screwdrivers, socket wrenches, and a staple remover to complete this task. To keep the small bolts and screws after your table has been broken up into segments, you’ll need boxes and Ziploc bags.

If you have a marker pen, it will be easier to identify the fronts of your packaging. For setting up your table, the last thing you want to be doing is looking for parts.

It’ll be critical to have many heavy blankets on hand to protect your pool table while it’s being transported to the local self-storage facility in Concord, NC.

Disassemble pool tables before self-storage in Concord NC

Screws will be used to secure the ball pockets to the table, yet they may use staples sometimes. If this is the case, remove the staples that hold the pockets to the table. Check the screw size and use the appropriate screwdriver if the pockets are secured with screws.

Remove the nuts and bolts from the rails and the pool table with socket wrenches, and place them in Ziploc bags to keep all nuts and bolts safe.

The most challenging part will remove the felt. Remove the staples that hold the felt to the table with your staple remover. Make sure the felt isn’t torn. After removing this, fold the felt loose and place it in a plastic tote. If you don’t use a climate-controlled storage unit, plastic bags can trap moisture and cause mold.

Screws may secure the slates to the table. While writing with your marker, remove the screws and place them in a separate plastic container. Remove the slate from the table’s bed. Because these are so large, you’ll need help to avoid injury or damage.

Turn the table on its side and remove the legs once all the fittings have been removed. You’ll need help here because you won’t hold the legs while using the wrench.

Best self-storage facilities in Concord NC

You may have a lot of options when looking for a self-storage unit. You must ensure that the local storage facility’s amenities meet all of your requirements because drive-up access makes pool table storage easier.

However, you will need a climate-controlled storage unit to keep the wood and parts of your pool table in excellent condition.

If you have questions about self-storage, please contact Mr. Storage, and the customer service team will be happy to assist you in finding the best storage unit in Concord, NC, for your pool table.

One of the other things you can find is that it’s possible to arrange your storage units near me and pay bills online with no need to visit the office in your busy times.

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