Self-storage facilities in the Harrisburg NC and UNCC area can help you keep your business organized by starting an inventory.  Here are some suggestions for improving your inventory management in self-storage in the section below.

Take stock of your possessions

Self-storage facilities in Harrisburg NC tell their customers to go over their company inventory before putting it in a storage unit. Create an itemized checklist or spreadsheet with items arranged according to product categories. Make a list of how many objects you have, what containers they are in, and if any of them are delicate. It would be best if you also considered which goods, are your best-selling items. To obtain a better understanding of your current inventory, it is beneficial to measure it.

Plan your layout using a strategy

Storage facilities experts advise that before you begin arranging your storage unit, it’s a good idea to sketch up a floor plan to optimize your company inventory management process. Organizing your unit by strategically grouping similar things and allocating areas of your unit to certain product categories might help you discover goods more quickly. For example, you may decide to display bestsellers in the front of your unit to make them easier to find and seasonal goods that aren’t in high demand toward the rear. You may also consider installing shelves to free up floor space and use unused vertical storage space. Whatever approach you come up with, be sure to create an inventory map of your unit so you can keep track of where everything is.

Choose containers that are both sturdy and labeled

Self-storage facilities professionals say, although many items are sent in cardboard boxes, you may want to consider shifting your company inventory into more durable containers, mainly if your inventory will be held in storage for an extended time. When cardboard is exposed to excessive moisture over time, it may grow mold and mildew, which can cause harm to the product. Experts like Mr. Storage recommend plastic bins not just for their ability to preserve goods but also for their ability to make it simpler to locate certain things. Additionally, you should have some inventory labeling system in place to make discovering goods easier. Many firms label containers and shelves with stock-keeping unit (SKU) numbers to make it easier to manage and inventory merchandise.

Top self-storage in Harrisburg NC

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