What is storage unit insurance?

Self storage insurance is as equally important as your home insurance. Belongings can be valuable no matter how old. If it comes to replacing them, there will be a significant cost. In most cases, you will need separate storage unit insurance. This covers any items that are not kept at your home, and thus under your home insurance policy.

In some cases, and depending on your policy, your homeowner’s insurance may cover your belongings if they are not physically located at home. However, for the majority of policies, this won’t be the case. Below, is all you need to know about the various ways to get insurance for your storage unit in Salisbury NC.

Storage facility in Salisbury NC insurance requirements

The requirements for this self storage insurance varies between facilities. Some may refuse renters until they have this insurance in place. While it can seem a harsh stance, they are protecting themselves and every other renter in the facility.

The cost of this extra insurance can depend on several factors. One of the primary things            being the insurance company you approach for a policy. You can find that self storage insurance is cheaper than other types, but you do need to get the correct type to be sure you are covered.

Insurance supplied by your local storage facility

No one knows about the importance of insurance for storage units than the storage company themselves. It is for this reason; some storage facilities offer the service of providing insurance for self storage units.

These can deliver low coverage as well as costing more than a proper insurance company. If you choose to go this route, you do need to see if the storage facility offers the service, and make sure to read all the small print.

Self storage insurance companies

Some companies specialize in this type of insurance. Generally, they are good options if you have valuable items you need to cover. They will offer a more comprehensive insurance on valuables that are to be insured against floods and earthquakes that may not be covered on a regular policy.

The downside of these is they will cost more than opting for a regular insurance company, and can cost up to $25 per month for such a policy.

Self storage unit insurance through regular insurance company

In the cases where you already have a renter’s insurance policy or home insurance. You can find you are already or at least partially covered. If this is the case, you can find rates are lower than other policies. You do need to check details, because you may need additional storage unit insurance and this could be the best choice to meet your needs.

Most homeowners insurance will offer lower limits for belongings in self storage units. Rates of coverage can be very low, so you do need to look at your personal home policy to be clear on what is covered and for how much.

Do I need insurance in Salisbury NC facilities?

The ultimate answer to the insurance question is, yes. You will need insurance in one form or another. While you may think your home policy can cover you, you do need to make sure with your self-storage company if they will accept this kind of policy, or you require a separate policy.

Either way, you are better contacting Mr. Storage because the professional staff know all about differing policies, and how they can make sure all your belongings are covered for any eventualities.

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