Self-storage experts in Midland NC  talk about how you can safely keep and move your grandfather clock.  You may be concerned about correctly transporting a grandfather clock, an ornate antique that may weigh up to 220 pounds. It is critical to understand how to securely transport a grandfather clock, regardless of whether you have a Ridgeway or a Sligh. Follow these suggestions to keep the hands of time moving and your clock in working order.

The fundamentals of how to move a grandfather clock

Self-storage professionals advise that you should remove all of the clock’s accessories from the clock’s main body. The pieces you remove and the method you use to remove them may vary depending on the brand of grandfather clock you have. If your item contains detachable components, you’ll need to separate them and box them individually.

Make sure to use a pencil to make markings on the accessories that you remove so that you can remember how to put them back in the right place. Keep your movement to a minimum. Even after the pendulum and weights have been removed, even the most minor movement may cause significant harm.

Make use of a bubble wrap

Self-storage experts always accentuate the importance of bubble wrap no matter the situation. It’s important to remember that bubble wrap is your best friend when shipping a grandfather clock for relocation. Wrapping glass sections and pieces with paper before wrapping them in bubble wrap will help to avoid dents.

Use a furniture blanket

Self-storage experts say that if you’re only transferring your clock, a furniture blanket is the most effective form of safeguarding it. After you’ve packed the moving elements individually, cover the body in a blanket and secure it with tape. Even after the inside weights have been removed, certain pieces may still be a little slack. A heavy-duty furniture cover inhibits movement while protecting the clock from being damaged by jagged edges.

Take safety measures

Self-storage professionals in Midland, NC, advise that you should find or purchase a box at least 80 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 15 inches high. For your grandfather clock to stay upright, add “Fragile” and “This Side Up” warnings. Never transfer the clock on its side since doing so will cause harm to its internal components and mechanisms. Roll it to its new location with the help of a dolly.

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