Self-storage units are perfect for storing paddle boards

Self-storage units in Midland NC maintain paddle boards in the best condition until you can use them again. If you appreciate spending warm summer days on the water, getting a terrific workout, and being completely surrounded by nature, paddle boarding is a fantastic warm-weather pastime.

Few activities, in the opinion of seasoned paddlers, are more soothing than reclining in the sun on your board after a challenging paddle. Consider how relaxing it would be to feel the waves’ rhythm softly moving your board while listening to the sounds of the waves smashing all around you. But even the best things come to an end, so it’s important to carefully store your paddle board once you’ve stopped paddling for the day to prevent damage from occurring while it’s not being used.

Here’s how you can store paddle boards.

Clean them

Regular maintenance is necessary whether you keep your paddle board indoors for months at a time or just use it occasionally. Follow a meticulous paddle board cleaning regimen before storing your paddle board indoors.

The best way to clean a paddle board:

  • Using fresh water to quickly clean your board can help you get rid of any remaining sand, salt, dirt, and debris.
  • Use mild, board-friendly soap and more fresh water to scrub your paddle board, then rinse it again.
  • Using a towel to completely dry your board will help to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Have racks

Given their price and simplicity of usage, paddle board storage racks are one of the most widely used storage solutions. To guarantee that your board will be safe during the entire time it is not in use, you can buy wall racks or free-standing racks with various safety features including securable belts, padding materials, and more.

People who only possess one board often get the best use out of single wall racks. A free-standing horizontal paddle board rack may be your best option if you want to store multiple boards at once because it enables you to stack many boards on top of one another.

Another excellent alternative for storage, especially if you have a little amount of wall space, is paddleboard storage hooks. This space-saving storage option, which can be used in almost any room or garage, frequently has padding to protect your board from damage and avoid scratches. The majority of paddleboard storage hooks are also quite simple to install.

Find the best self-storage unit in Midland NC

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