Storing paintings is not as easy as you think

Self-storage is a great way to save works of art away from your home. This can be because of renovations, or you are moving to a new home. But, storing art in a unit isn’t as simple as just tossing it in. Instead, you should take time to pack your artwork to keep it safe from harm properly.

Protect the art from heat and humidity

High humidity and even extreme swings in temperature can damage your painting. When you decide to use self-storage for artwork, you should be sure the unit you select is adequately equipped to store your art. A climate controlled storage unit is ideal. These units can protect your art from damaging elements and unsafe temperatures.

Pack artwork carefully

Once you’ve found the perfect unit to use for self-storage for artwork, you need to take time to pack your painting correctly. It is no recommendation to sit it in the unit, especially if you’re keeping multiple items.

Make sure the canvas is well-supported with a cardboard or wood backing. You don’t want it to be able to cave in. To protect the corners of the painting, consider using a cardboard cutout for the edges to keep them from bending or chipping.

You’ll also want to cover the painting. However, you won’t want a cloth that will smother the art or cause the color to rub off. Plastic is not a good option; instead, consider using a breathable fabric.

You should also avoid storing the painting flat on its back or front. Instead, store it upright and make sure it doesn’t lean up against something to help keep it in the best shape possible.

Extra precautions for self-storage in Harrisburg, NC is worth it

Self-storage for artwork may require you to use extra precautions. If the painting, or paintings, are valuable, consider getting insurance for them. Make sure the facility you choose is protected with multiple security measures to help keep them safe and discourage potential theft.

Finding the right art storage facilities in Harrisburg, NC

Art collectors, who need a place to keep art during a move, or for any other reasons, may find self-storage for artwork a good option. With careful packing and storage, a unit can help keep your art safe until you’re ready to bring it out again.

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