Why should I consider drive-up access?

Storage facilities offer various types and sizes of storage units. Among the most common for many people is one with drive-up access. Many more storage facilities can be found in the pipeline to make this convenient feature more readily available to customers.

In selecting drive-up storage, there are many benefits. The attractiveness is apparent in that getting in and out of a vehicle to access a storage facility can be more of a problem than you might think.  Indoor storage units do offer benefits; however, most customers like to be able to drive to the door and unload or pick up the things they need. Here you can learn about other advantages of car storage in Kannapolis, NC.

Kannapolis, NC drive-up storage facilities offer easy access

The opportunity of parking immediately at the door of your unit and monitoring everything between the vehicle and the storage unit is a huge advantage. Storage in drive-up units ensures that there is no entrance needed through the doors or into the corridors. All you have to do is drive up there, take care of business, and leave.

It is particularly useful for anyone with small children. Another bonus of drive-up access is the time and energy saved by unloading quickly directly into the storage unit or by crouching down and picking up the required objects in a short amount of time. The ground level access makes it fast and easy to load and unload with a dolly or hand truck.

Kannapolis, NC drive-up access businesses storage

The timesaving’s in drive-up storage facilities can result in considerable labor savings for businesses. Due to storage facilities costing much less than renting a larger space for business inventory or equipment, many clients are delighted to relocate their business and merchandise to their new unit.

Some of the larger self-storage units may be perfect for storing large commercial or office equipment. Bulky and cumbersome items, such as desks or packages, can be transported from the truck to the storage unit without trying to maneuver around aisles, doors, or corners. Inventory boxes can be easily stacked and organized.

Finding more than Kannapolis, NC drive-up access

This overall benefit ranks among the best-kept tips for using storage units. Since larger items like boats, kayaks, outdoor equipment, or garden furniture can be stored outdoors, including when they are covered with tarps, wear and tear are severe.

Mechanical gears and cranks oxidize, wood can swell, and crack and the hot, cold, and sunny conditions can weaken plastics. If you have questions about the drive-up storage facilities or other storage units we offer, please contact Mr. Storage to speak with the friendly and helpful property managers.

The good thing now is that you can do all this without the need to visit the office to sign the paperwork. With online and remote sign-ups, you can do all this from home.

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