Do you have some art pieces that you need to put into storage?

Storage for artwork in Midland, NC

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Storage for artwork can help avid collectors who have gathered pieces by famous artists,  or you have inherited something valuable which isn’t quite to taste. But no matter what artwork it is, correct art storage is essential for preservation. 

If you’re moving home and want to keep your works safe, or just you are changing, you’re around, and the paintings won’t match the decor, read on to see a few for keeping artwork in good condition while in storage.

Clean before putting into your Midland NC self-storage unit

While preparing for storage, clean your paintings carefully. Use an artist’s brush to gently dust the painting’s surface. The brush should be clean, but if you don’t have access to a brush, a clean piece of lint-free velvet can make a replacement.

Never use feather dusters or a moist cloth, and never use any cleaning solution.

Unframed pieces and framed pieces

Cardboard corners are fantastic for protecting the edges of picture frames and help to maintain structural integrity. When you are looking at storage for artwork that has no frames be careful how you roll it because this might cause cracks in the paint. Wrap it gently in airtight, water-resistant packaging like glassine.

Packing artwork ready for your Midland NC self-storage unit

Wrap framed pictures in blankets, bubble wrap, or felt. Never use newspaper. 

Use packing tape to keep your padding in place. For unframed pictures, create a protection “sandwich.” 

For example, place unframed paintings between larger foam boards, cardboard pieces, or plywood.

Use tape to keep the protection in place and use a plastic bag for protection against the elements such as water and air. Hence the reason for climate controlled storage units.

Setting up your storage unit with the right tools

Never lay paintings or pictures flat. They should always be stored on their end. You can purchase a picture rack that will support your pictures. Never place pictures on concrete floors because the frames or the pictures will soak up moisture from the cold.

If you need to, you can borrow some pallets to do this, but make sure they don’t touch the floor if you can’t lay your hands on any wood to raise them up.

Climate is the secret to storage for artwork

Keep climate in mind when storing art. Avoid placing art in dry or damp storage units, and instead, opt for a climate-controlled storage facility. Sudden temperature changes or raising humidity causes paintings to tighten, stretch, or frames can warp. Make sure the storage unit maintains constant humidity and temperature. Most artwork benefits from a temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels of about 55%. Sufficient padding and climate control are vital when it comes to preserving artwork for future enjoyment.

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