RV ownership can be a significant investment

RV storage near me can help a lot in protecting one of the most significant objects all year round.

Thanks to the memories you create while traveling in your camper, the RV is very precious.

You probably spent a lot of time researching different types of campers, their properties, and advantages before you invested in one of them. Shouldn’t you take the same care when it comes to storing it? Keep reading for more information about how to care for your RV while it sits in storage near me.

Concord, NC storage tips keep pests out

The RV storage tips begin with cleanliness: Empty it. Although it might be a temptation to leave a well-stocked camper when you put it into storage near me for a while, it’s not a good idea. It’s essential to take the time to empty your RV from the things and food you have at hand.

Leaving any food in your RV will attract pests not only to your vehicle but also to your neighbors. Cleaning a camper isn’t fun, but if you take the time to properly clean the RV before putting it in storage near me in Concord, NC, it will be more fun next time.  A deep cleaning helps prevent unpleasant smells during storage and beyond.

Winterize your RV in storage near me, Concord, NC

If you park your RV during the colder winter months, you should prepare it for the colder season by winterizing it. Doing so means taking the time to check your tires are inflated to avoid getting flats afterward. Buying a cover for your RV can help protect it from the elements while in storage near me.

If you’re not sure what steps you need to take to prepare your camper for the winter, check out the vehicle book or check out the countless tips for wintering your camper at your local storage facility in winter and even in summer. 

RV storage options in Concord, NC

One final RV storage tip, isn’t so much about how to care for your vehicle, it’s how to make sure you find a storage facility that is right for you. When searching for a home for your RV, ask potential facilities about their security measures, and make sure you can access your RV when you want.

The simplest way to find out what is best for storage near me to care for your RV is to contact Mr. Storage. The friendly staff is on hand to answer all your questions and to help care for your vehicle investment.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.