Will business benefit from more storage?

Storage space for business is the one thing that costs them money and does little toward their profits. In effect, you can see it as an extra cost that they must shoulder to hold inventory or masses of business documents and paperwork.  With a small business, they might rent small premises that prevented them from expanding, or holding more inventory because of seasonal goods no longer selling.

If you have, a business in Harrisburg, NC, read on to, see how you can get around these limitations, and expand your business while keeping control.

How much storage space does a Harrisburg, NC business take up?

Only a business owner will know how much storage for a business they will need. Units range from 5 x 5, which is the size of a small walk-in closet and can be suitable for some supplemental filing.

However, when a company in Harrisburg, NC needs inventory stored, they are better looking at the larger end of the scale and should consider a climate-controlled storage unit.

They can line these with garage storage shelves for filing boxes and plastic storage boxes containing inventory. A business owner should answer the following questions when determining their storage unit size.

  • Will there be a need for a desk and chair?
  • How much space do paperwork and inventory take up?

Climate-controlled storage space

Because storage for business is for the longer-term, a climate-controlled storage unit is advised. This stops paperwork becoming damp regardless of the weather, and it helps to protect any inventory. A quick pro tip is to stack nothing on the bare floor.

Many businesses use these self-storage units as pure filing centers, and with this, they might need a copying machine. It will be down to the storage facility manager if they allow an additional electricity socket in their internal storage units.

Harrisburg, NC property rental versus self-storage space

This is where business owners can see the benefits of self-storage for business. It requires a quick trip to the local Harrisburg, NC storage depot, but this is a small cost compared to building rentals.

An excellent example is a company that rents a building. Most times, they will lease this with a locked-in contract for an extended period. If you require less space, the rent will still be the same. Self-storage can be taken as short-term or long-term storage with flexible contracts. A company can expand and shrink to their business storage needs.

Find flexible storage options in Harrisburg, NC

The above information isn’t all the benefits companies can get from flexible self-storage contracts.

The list goes on, and any company in the area should weigh up all their options.

With storage facilities in the area, contact Mr. Storage to see how climate controlled storage space can help your storage for business and help you flourish without making a massive dent in your property rental budget.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.