Storage space helps keep jewelry in the best condition by protecting them from tarnishing

Storage space in Kannapolis NC creates an ideal environment for storing valuables. You must make sure your family heirlooms are suitably safeguarded if you choose to put them in a self-storage unit. While a lot of stuff may be thrown in a box, jewelry cannot. It presumably has the largest size-to-value ratio of any of your goods. In actuality, one item of jewelry may be worth as much as or even more than the entirety of your renting space. Here are four suggestions for keeping your jewelry in good condition for years by storing it properly.

Note: Make sure your jewelry is dry and clean before storing it to stop it from deteriorating.

Limit exposure to humid conditions

Jewelry and high humidity don’t mix. Despite what you may believe, metal and precious stones can corrode or lose their color extremely rapidly due to dampness. To keep your jewelry from tarnishing if you can’t control the humidity in your self-storage unit, it’s a good idea to buy airtight containers and use silica packets, which absorb moisture. However, keep in mind that without enough humidity, opals, pearls, and cameos can dry out and break.

Invest in boxes with felt lining

Your priceless jewelry shouldn’t be kept in just any box. To protect your family treasures, it is advisable to purchase felt- or velvet-lined boxes. In thrift shops, secondhand boxes are frequently available. New purchases, however, are well worth the cost.

Separate the diamonds

The toughest substance on Earth, diamonds, are unaffected by dampness. Their settings, which are made of gold, platinum, and silver, tell a distinct tale. Given their hardness, diamonds are frequently worried about what damage they can cause to other jewelry. In order to prevent them from rubbing against one another and harming one another, store them and other gemstones in separate boxes.

Pay extra attention to the pearls

Because they are so delicate, pearls are easily scratched by any metal or gemstone. Additionally, they must never be kept in plastic bags. Your pearls’ surface may fade due to chemicals in some plastic varieties.

Find the best storage space in Kannapolis NC

Keeping jewelry safe and in the best condition protects its value over time. Invest in an amazing storage space in Kannapolis NC to prevent your valuables from tarnishing and deteriorating in value. You can rest easy knowing that the jewelry is safe, secure, and protected from damaging elements.

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