Concord’s storage space specialists help renters store their belongings for future use

Concord’s storage space specialists insist that renters never choose the closest or cheapest facility with plenty of choices. Security should be a priority because, without it, you can as well keep your stuff outside your home. Good security reduces theft risk and makes you feel safer when you visit the facility.

How to know if a storage unit is safe

  1. The neighborhood

Some people prioritize easy accessibility. But opting for a safe neighborhood is more important. Communities with more crime put your belongings at theft risk. They also make you feel unsafe when you go to the facility, taking away your peace of mind. Start by researching the safety of different areas. Also, drive around the neighborhood to see if it’s safe. While neighborhoods with less crime don’t necessarily guarantee your items’ safety, they limit the risk of break-ins.

  1. The perimeter

Take a look at the facility’s perimeter as you approach it. The presence of a fence with a gated entrance limits access. Go a step further to determine how tall the wall is. Fences should also have barbed wires at the top to prevent an intruder from climbing. Then determine the sturdiness of the fence. Keep in mind that a weak, poorly constructed wall can do very little to limit access. It’s worse if you notice gaps in the fence.

  1. The access

It’s best to settle for a facility with controlled access. Ungated storage facilities mean anyone can drive in and access your belongings. Therefore, ask if people can only access the facility with a code or by scanning a security card. The gate should also stay open long enough to let a verified vehicle through. But not too long to allow unauthorized access.

  1. The general condition

It shouldn’t be about choosing the fanciest storage in town. However, a well-maintained facility is a good sign. If the facility’s management cares enough to handle regular upkeep, they will likely consider the security measures too. Overall maintenance includes making sure the safety features are working well. For instance, a damaged and unrepaired fence provides an easy access point to burglars. A faulty keypad system could also allow unauthorized people in. On the other hand, a clean facility can keep away rats, mice, and other pests, which could equally cause losses.

  1. Camera system

Video surveillance can deter thieves from targeting a facility. Surveillance cameras should be present throughout the facility and not just at the entrance. These systems can come in handy when someone breaks into your unit. You can ask how the facility uses the cameras, if they are constantly monitored and if the video footage is reviewed after a break-in.

  1. Alarmed units

Some facilities can provide alarmed units for more security. This way, the alarm sounds to alert authorities when someone tries to break into the unit. It can easily scare away burglars before they carry out their objectives.

Choose Concord’s NC best storage space

Safe self-storage units provide peace of mind and lower theft risk. Concord’s best storage space makes sure that renters’ belongings are safe, with their best interests at heart. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, SalisburyHarrisburgKannapolis NC, and MidlandContact us today to reserve your unit.