Storage units around me for my collections

Storage units around me in Harrisburg NC offer many advantages. It efficiently clears your home of clutter. However, you can’t just leave your belongings in your self storage unit and expect them to be fine.

Climate-controlled storage units can be essential because homes have specific temperatures. If you have valuables or collector’s pieces, this is even more critical. Here you can find some things that benefit from being in storage units around me when they are climate-controlled

Furniture and appliances in Harrisburg storage units around me

If you expose wooden furniture to too much moisture, it will crack and warp. Also, lower nighttime temperatures can be punishing. Another thing to consider is leather furniture. If your storage unit isn’t climate controlled, moisture will easily wreak havoc on leather.

Most electrical appliances now include a sizeable amount of circuitry. To secure these components, they should all be held in climate-controlled self-storage.

Some devices also have sections that are prone to cracking if the temperature fluctuates too much. The removal of hoses is another area, especially on washers and dishwashers. Any traces of water left anywhere in Harrisburg, NC, mold, and mildew will quickly spread.

Collector’s items in storage units around me

Many people collect items, and as their collections expand, they might want to use storage units. If coins aren’t held at a constant temperature, they will oxidize. Copper and silver, for example, are susceptible to tarnishing.

Stamps are another collectible that is susceptible to damage. If you store them in a self-storage unit without climate control, they can curl and stick. As with this, there are a lot of comic book collectors.

These collections can grow to be large and need to be stored flat. If the unit is climate controlled, the cost of storage units around me vs. home storage will be similar.

Top Harrisburg self-storage and wine collections

In Harrisburg, NC, a self-storage unit can be a great place to keep a wine collection. There’s space for a wine rack that you probably don’t have at home. Wine requires a constant temperature, which even homes may not provide without a significant investment.

Climate-controlled self storage vs. home storage may save the life of a wine collection because wine requires a constant temperature, which even homes may not provide without a significant investment. Since you are using storage units around me, your favorite bottle isn’t far away and is accessible.

Find top Harrisburg NC storage for safekeeping

Storage units around me shouldn’t be used for anything of extensive value, yet they are more than suitable for semi-valuable things. Temperature-controlled storage units also regulate the humidity.

If you’re not sure how a climate-controlled storage unit will support your collections, give Mr. Storage a call, and our friendly staff will be happy to tell you what you need to know. You will also discover how to set up an account and pay bills without going to the office.

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