Kannapolis’ storage units near me are one of the best places to store glassware

Kannapolis’ storage units near me can help preserve fine crystal glasses, which are often challenging and expensive to replace and sometimes carry a sentimental value. However, it’s crucial to pack them properly for any move to make sure they are in tip-top shape for later use. The tips below will help meet this objective.

List the glassware

Creating an inventory list will help during insurance and remind you of all your storage unit’s contents. Options include making a simple list or taking photos of your glassware. Take note of any imperfections like scratches and chips. Suppose insurance is a condition of your contract with the storage company. Then a detailed inventory, especially of high-value glassware, will be helpful. You should also check if your glasses are clean and dry. Storing dirty or damp items may attract pests and mold.

Packing supplies for glassware

After establishing the amount of glassware you’d like to store, the next step is to assemble packing materials. An excellent choice is divided boxes like those that bottles come in after purchase. Small and medium-sized boxes are ideal for fragile belongings such as glasses. It’s easy to overpack larger boxes, raising the likelihood of breakage.

An alternative is to get or make dividers to fit into your box based on how far you are willing to go to ascertain your glassware’s safety. You can use any sturdy box, provided the glasses are wrapped carefully. Wrapping options include pieces of bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam pouches. Tea towels and dishcloths are also usable. It’s essential to make sure that whatever you use is clean and appropriate. The last requirement is tape and not just any tape. Cheap varieties can split and stick to themselves, frustrating your move.

Tips for packing glassware

  • Confirm the box base is appropriately taped before packing it with your fragile goods.
  • Place a paddling piece on the box’s bottom. This could be a piece of corrugated card or a piece of bubble wrap.
  • Wrap all your glasses individually, handling those with long stems with care.
  • Lay a piece of paddling over the top of your glasses once the box is full. Then pick up the box and give it a little shake while holding the box lid closed. If you feel anything moving, open it up and add more paddling to make sure your glasses are safe during transit. Once everything is secure, tape your box keeping in mind that transporting fragile items in open boxes can’t end well.

Mark the boxes to safeguard fragile glassware

Labeling your glassware boxes informs whoever is handling the goods they need special handling. This reduces the likelihood of placing them under heavy boxes in the unit. It will also come in handy when it’s time to bring them out.

Choose Kannapolis’ best storage units near me

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