So are storage facilities and units secure?

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Storage units and their safety depends on the company and the customer. To a degree, a shutter door and a padlock is secure, however, it goes further than this to make sure every unit is safe and secure. Not only this, there are things the company does to safeguard their reputation and their facility.

Read on and see what your local storage facility should do, and what you as a tenant can do to be safe.

Digital surveillance and protected access in your Kannapolis NC storage facility

Digital surveillance systems record activity in your local storage facility around the clock 24/7. As a tenant, you need to know the surveillance equipment the storage company uses. Digital surveillance is superior to tape because of better video quality and less risk of a lapse in coverage.

Access systems, which require customers and employees to enter their own personal access code on doors and gates, should be in place. This security measure limits who can enter the storage facility and who has left.

Storage facility maintenance and efficient lighting

No matter where you are in a storage facility, there needs to be adequate lighting. Staff should walk each aisle daily to make sure all lighting fixtures work correctly.

If a bulb is off, they need replacing immediately. Look for installations, which use external lighting and motion activation interior lighting.

Thieves know vulnerabilities of properties. If there’s damage in the fence or a broken keypad on the gate.

When choosing self storage units in Kannapolis NC, it is important you know if a maintenance problem arises, the company will resolve it immediately.

Any facility with a few staff or less than adequate resources is more susceptible to being broken into than a property, which takes its maintenance seriously.

The best locks and pin codes for your storage units

Many storage facilities sell padlocks to secure storage spaces. However, renters can buy their own. A padlock is the last defense against theft should any thief enter.

These criminals will look for poor quality locks on units easy to remove. Choose a lock, which is bolt cutter resistant. Disc or cylinder locks are preferable over ones with long shackles.

Be careful whom you let into your storage units. Theft often happens form those close to home. This can be friends, relatives or work colleagues. Don’t advertise where and what you have in your self storage unit. Be sure to never share pin codes, no matter who it may be.

Is your Kannapolis NC storage facility secure?

While searching, you may find many storage facilities say they have full amenities, and are secure places. However, this may not be the entire truth.

If you wish to know how secure your local storage facility is, then call Mr. Storage and the staff will be happy to explain all the security features are in place and to give you a guided tour so you can see for yourself how safe the storage units are.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.