What did I put in my storage unit?

Storage units are easy to book and rent in Harrisburg NC. When it comes to putting your stuff in one, you may lose track straightaway.

Time is needed to plan and to record all your important documents, your favorite CD/DVDs, or all the priceless family albums full of photos. Before spending your time packaging boxes, loading and hauling all your belongings, look at these tips on how to take stock of all your belongings in your self-storage unit.

Start with the right storage supplies for your local Harrisburg NC storage facility

In addition to everything that you plan to move to the storage unit, being organized means being equipped with sufficient supplies. It begins with the purchase of an array of multi-sized removal boxes. A standard bedroom, for example, would normally take:

  • Six smaller boxes
  • Four medium-sized boxes
  • Two big boxes

You will also need to get labels and pens for the boxes. Obtain sufficient labels to affix one on all sides of the box so you will know exactly what is inside.

Making your Harrisburg NC storage units inventory

This is the number one step in organizing your move. Create a list of all you plan to store. You may also want to consider when you’ll have to remove it from storage in the near future, specifically if it’s some seasonal thing like Christmas decorations or some clothes.

Making an inventory is not just a helpful tool for keeping track of what you have stored in your storage units, it stops you from pursuing the urge to dump randomly things in boxes and pack them.

Use a booklet to record the things you plan to store. If you would like to be more organizational, you can create a spreadsheet, particularly when it comes to a number of rooms. Lastly, allow yourself the time to do things correctly. Rather than attempting to finish it all at once, take it slowly. Spread your pre-planning, packaging-and moving over a few days. If you are rushing through this process, you can create issues later on, be it entering or leaving your storage unit.

Moving day and your Harrisburg NC storage facility

When you have your plan and layout, it’s time to start loading your moving truck, first load the bulkiest items. Then there is stuff you know you’ll need quickly or on a regular basis. Use covers and tie-downs to protect and fasten the furniture. Keep filling the truck in quarters or thirds. When putting things in, strike them off your record.

When unloading the truck into your storage units, you are essentially backtracking, and unloading in reverse. Use your map and position the boxes roughly where they are going. Leave space to move around them within the storage space. Count the boxes as you take them off the truck, but only when you have them in the unit.

After you have, your possessions arranged and sited where they need to go, post your map in the unit, ideally beside the door. You can then check it quickly if you ever need to take things out of storage.

For more information how storage units can help you with planning, you can call Mr. Storage and the helpful staff will go through the best ways to make sure you have the right self storage unit, and the best way to get the most from it.

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