Concord’s storage units specialist helps renters choose a unit that saves money

Concord’s storage units specialist recommends reading helpful tips when looking to choose a storage unit on a tight budget. There are various reasons for renting storage units near me, including during moves and when organizing a home renovation project. You may also want to declutter your home without donating or throwing away extra items. Still, it’s important to find a middle ground between space and pricing from various sizes and unit types available.

Tips for choosing a storage unit on a budget

The closest choice isn’t always the most affordable

Renting a storage unit nearby can be attractive thanks to easy access, but that doesn’t make it cheap. The convenience of the perfect location may come with the need to pay a premium. It is especially true if the facility is located near the town center. You may want to look for units that are further away to minimize your spending.

Work harder if needed

Units that provide individual drive-up features can look fancy to most. But this convenience may add up to extra costs. Consider a unit inside the building and on the upper floor if you have a few people to help you move your belongings. While it is inconvenient, it will likely cost less.

Avoid paying for unnecessary features

Resist the temptation to spend on special storage conditions for standard items. Renting a regular unit can save you money. Options like climate-controlled units will cost you more and waste money.

Make long-term commitments

There is always a better deal when you commit for longer. Long-term storage contracts typically feature awarded discounts and lower rates in comparison to short-term agreements. But be sure that you will rent for the specified period to avoid terminating the agreement and incurring penalty fees. Additionally, only rent in the long term if it adds value and not just to earn a good deal.

Utilize proper organization and packing skills

When packing items, be as organized as possible by putting your items in boxes. It enables you to better stack them in the unit to save on storage space. This fits into a smaller-sized storage unit that is more affordable than a large one. An additional tip is to label the boxes to know what they contain so you can pull out something from the storage unit without hassle.

Compare your choices

As with other things, don’t stick to the first storage solution you find. You may miss out on better deals. While some storage facilities provide better discounts, others can avail of free moving services. Compare several storage facilities to get the best deal.

Work with Concord’s best storage units specialist

Various facilities offer a range of cost-effective choices for different buyer levels. Working with Concord’s best storage unit specialist gives you access to amazing deals. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.