Storage units can help store Christmas lights ahead of the festive season

Storage units in Harrisburg NC are ideal for storing holiday decorations all year long, among them Christmas lights. The holidays are soon approaching, so now is the perfect time to hang your holiday lights – before you put it off, it gets too cold, and you have to put the whole thing off till next year. To give yourself plenty of time to complete the task at hand. then let’s get going! Use the advice and tools listed below to create a lovely, joyous display that your family and neighbors will like.

Have a plan

Once you’ve made the decision to install lights, you might just want to take the box out to the yard. Check to verify whether any remaining lights you have are still functional before taking any further action. Hanging Christmas lights on the roof just to find out they don’t function when plugged in is the fastest way to kill the festive spirit. Break up this project into two days for an even more relaxed experience: one for planning your lighting scheme and shopping for everything you need, and one for hanging everything without feeling pressured.

Find the right lights

These days, there are so many different kinds of holiday lights that making a choice might be difficult. But ultimately, the decision between incandescent and LED Christmas lights boils down to your particular preferences for color, bulb size, and light kind. Although they initially cost a little more, LEDs are more energy-efficient and last longer. The following categories are ones to think about depending on the type of decorations you enjoy and the outside locations you plan to decorate with lights:

  • When not in use, micro lights, particularly wide-angle LED mini lights, can disappear into the background.
  • Icicle lights are excellent for creating the appearance of a winter wonderland, especially when arranged in groups above a porch or on the roof.
  • Since net lights are already strung together and evenly spaced, they are a quick and easy solution for covering bushes or other outdoor Christmas decorations.
  • Especially around planters or patio areas, twinkling light strings can give your holiday light display a soft, romantic feel.
  • A fantastic choice for more vibrant, whimsical displays is animated lighting.

Hang them properly

It’s time to hang Christmas lights on your home once you’ve measured the space, tested the lights, gathered all your supplies, and have help available. To make sure you have a power source for light strands on end, start at the highest point (like the roof’s peak) and work side to side before proceeding downward. Given that you might use different lights for them and that you want to start with the hardest work, save smaller areas like railings, shrubbery, and trees for last.

Reserve top storage units in Harrisburg NC

Hanging Christmas lights can seem daunting, but it gets easier when you have a proper plan. Work with the best storage units in Harrisburg NC to keep your holiday decorations safe. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.