Storage units will protect your prized possessions to maintain their value

Storage units in Harrisburg NC protect your personal items to keep their quality looks and value. If you own antiques, you probably either collect antiques or they were handed down through the family. Sometimes circumstances arise when you must be able to securely keep them because you are momentarily unable to display them.

When relocating, remodeling, or renovating your house, it’s a sensible idea to store your antiques until you’re ready to put them back on display. Antiques are quite delicate, so it’s vital to keep that in mind. If you don’t treat them with care, they might not be around for the future generation. Use these suggestions to help you store your antiques.

Disassemble where possible

Disassemble any removable parts of your antiques before storing them. As was already noted, antique furniture is typically much more brittle than modern furniture, thus tearing it apart can assist to lessen the strain on the joints and framework.

Polish the furniture

Any wooden furniture you have should be polished using wood furniture polish before being put away to avoid cracking due to temperature changes. While in storage, a furniture polish will aid in keeping the furniture moist. Determine the type of leather that was used before storing leather furniture so that you can give it the right care and protection to prevent drying out and cracking.

Organize and avoid stacking

Although it may be tempting to stack furniture to save space, it is never a good idea to do so with any kind of furniture. Instead of stacking your furniture, think about stacking similar-sized boxes and placing smaller items inside of larger ones to make the most of the storage unit’s available space without destroying any of your belongings.

Go for climate-controlled units

It is wise to often check on objects being kept in a storage container. This is particularly important when storing antiquities due to their fragility. It is crucial to never store antique furniture in an area where the temperature fluctuates because doing so can be exceedingly damaging. Unfortunately, this implies that your garage, cellar, and attic are not the best places to store things. Consider hiring a climate-controlled storage facility if you need to store antique furnishings. When storing antique furniture, a climate-controlled storage facility offers year-round stability in temperature.

Find amazing storage units in Harrisburg NC

Storing antique furniture properly can help maintain its condition and value through the years. You should find the best storage units in Harrisburg NC for amazing results.

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