Storage units professionals in Concord NC say many factors support the decision to rent a self-storage unit, but not all storage units and facilities are created equal. A helpful checklist of items to consider when choosing a storage unit is provided below. Here are things to consider when selecting a storage unit in Concord, NC.


Storage units’ experts say a storage unit’s size is essential for storing items. If you’re renting a place, the floor area should be your first focus, but don’t forget to consider the ceiling height as well. It will eventually determine how many goods you will put inside the storage unit. Make a careful note of the objects you want to store to calculate the size of the storage unit you’ll need. Keep in mind that the size of your unit will impact the cost of your rental as well as other factors.

Fees and expenses 

Storage units professionals say when choosing a storage facility, the cost of renting a storage space is an essential factor to consider. The sort of contract you enter, the minimum length of time necessary, and any extra costs are all elements that might influence the total amount you must pay in the end.


Storage unit rental prices are often levied every month, so knowing how long you’ll need your unit is a big help when choosing a location. Many facilities allow short-term rentals, but some require a longer commitment from tenants. Keep this information in mind while making your selection of a facility.


Storage units’ potential tenants hunt for a storage facility by typing in “storage units near me” into their search engine of choice. The location of the storage facility is often an important consideration. If you want to retrieve your goods regularly, it is advisable to find a storage unit that is nearby. Alternatively, if you keep your possessions for a short period over the summer, the location will be less significant than the price and other amenities.

Safety and security

Knowing how safe and secure a self-storage unit is before renting one is crucial since you will be leaving your stuff there. For example, you should inquire about the presence of security guards, surveillance cameras, and gated entrance points, among other features. If you do a site inspection in advance, make sure that the whole area is well-lit before you start working.

Best storage space in Concord, NC, and facilities

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