Salisbury’s storage units near me help keep precious items safe

Salisbury’s storage units near me have specialists who recommend going the extra mile to make sure that your belongings are secure for future use. Self-storage can help when downsizing, moving, or decluttering your home. Still, choosing a storage unit can be tricky with the hundreds of options out there. That is where various factors come into play. While the location, unit size, and price are undoubtedly crucial, general security is even more crucial. Imagine spending your money on a unit, keeping your items in it, and having them stolen or damaged.

Keep your valuables safe with these security tips

  1. Gated access

It’s a good idea to opt for units with gated access. That means the facility has invested in electronic-entry gates with passcodes or security cards that lock out anyone without a unit. Gated access also makes it easy for the facility to monitor everyone who enters and leaves the facility.

  1. Good lighting

It may look harmless to ignore high-quality lighting but don’t. It is especially the case if you plan on accessing your unit at any time, including when it’s dark. Good lighting is also a deterrent for thieves since they can be spotted and found easily.

  1. Reliable on-site management

It’s advisable to choose a facility with round-the-clock management to guarantee the property is being watched at any given time. Be sure to call the facilities in advance to ask questions that test their responsiveness and willingness to help customers. While at it, you can ask about the facility’s policies, including restrictions on what you can and can’t store.

  1. Alarmed units

You may want to find a unit that features an alarm system to safeguard your unit from theft or robbery. It scares away people from breaking into your unit. Some facilities provide individual door alarms on every unit. Other units even come with the ability to check the alarm and unit status in real-time with apps. Some locks also allow you and the management to set alerts, prevent access, and put off tailgating.

  1. Excellent enclosure

It is a simple yet effective way of securing a storage facility. Look for a facility with slide gates, vertical pivot gates, or swing gates, with the site’s design determining the one that can be installed. Even barbed wire is great for deterring crime.

  1. Video surveillance

A good facility should have camera systems that provide an up-close view of everyone coming and going away from the facility. Cameras deter those with bad intentions and make it easy to review footage after the occurrence of a crime.

  1. Document your items

Safeguard your belongings by creating a list of everything you are keeping. Document your property when packing the unit and take photographs as a backup. It helps you realize when things go missing, or theft happens.

Choose Salisbury’s best storage units near me

Take the time to carry out extensive research to make sure your items are well protected. Even more important is working with a reliable and customer-oriented storage facility to benefit from Salisbury’s best storage units near me. Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable pricing. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis NC, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.