Why do I need to check different things if I just want storage space?

Storage units should be offering much more than just a square box that has four walls and a ceiling. Many storage companies offer many different amenities to help renters get the best from their facility. These can be useful when storing things of value, and for the many who now use a storage unit to extend their business.

When looking for your next storage facility, be sure to see if the company has these things on offer.

Vehicle storage in Harrisburg NC

Although it isn’t always a need, there can be case when you need to store a vehicle away from your home. There is no better place than the same place where you have storage units. Vehicles can range from cars, bikes, off road vehicles and RV’s.

While these often take up outdoor space, smaller vehicles can fit into one of the larger storage units for added security and care of your vehicles.

Security prevention in storage units near me

A full range of security measures should be on offer by any chosen storage company. Secure gated access should be the first thing to check for, as this can prevent anyone just walking into the facility. After this, there should be flood lighting outside because of 24-hour access, and all the lights should be in good working order.

Added to this, you will find the better storage facilities have around the clock CCTV and they come with a raft of fire prevention methods in case there is anything, which goes wrong. A storage company needs to protect themselves as much as they protect their renter’s contents.

Business amenities may be on offer in your Harrisburg NC storage facility

Not all storage facilities are able to offer meeting rooms, yet they do as much as they can to accommodate businesses, and their business needs. This can just take a quick conversation with the storage manager to find what they can offer about this.

Most units, especially the outdoor ones don’t come with electricity; indoor storage units can be better suited to this kind of operation while offering much more besides.

Climate controlled storage units are the best option

One of the best features anyone can ask for if they have things of value they wish to store are climate controlled Harrisburg storage units. It doesn’t matter if you have documents, paintings all the way up to furniture and a wine collection. A Harrisburg storage unit, which can maintain an even temperature and humidity, offers the most benefits for the care of belongings.

Where do I find the amenities that meet my needs in Harrisburg NC?

This can be easier than you think, or it can be harder if you don’t go about things in the right way. If you spend too much time searching, you can find there are countless storage opportunities all around the local areas.

To be certain you have the best mix of amenities in your storage units, you can contact Mr. Storage and the helpful personnel will run through everything they have on offer for their renters. You will quickly find that they can offer much more than just a four walled room with a roller shutter door.

Mr. Storage is locally owned and managed with affordable prices. We have storage facilities in Concord, Salisbury, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, and Midland. Contact us today to reserve your unit.