Why is storage more popular in the summer?

summer storage in Midland NC

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Summer storage never falters. People become more active than the winter months. Beautiful weather motivates people to de-clutter, clean homes and influences the real estate market.

If you’re doing some cleaning and wish to create more space in your home. Alternatively, you’re moving, additional storage space can come in use.

Self storage is a perfect solution when reclaiming closet space or clearing spare rooms. They are fantastic for holding your belongings when moving between homes. Summer storage is a popular option for lots of people every year.

What things are common to store in a Midland NC summer?

The primary reasons people rely on summer storage is to store seasonal items. Many of these won’t be in use until later in the year. Instead of keeping these things around the home where they eat up valuable space. You can store them out of the way in local storage units.

Common items in storage during the summer include:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Winter clothing
  • Snowmobiles and kids sleds
  • Shovels and Snow blowers
  • Household belongings and furniture during a move
  • College vacation items

What is the best unit size for storage over the summer?

Once you’ve decided to rent a storage unit in Midland NC for summer storage, the first thing you need to figure out is what storage unit size you’ll need. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of needs. Determine what you plan to store and figure out the size from there. Here’s a handy guide to get you started.

  • Small Units – 5 x 5’s or 5 x 10s are fantastic to store seasonal clothing, decorations and plenty of smaller items that don’t take up a lot of room. These can hold a couple of larger items if you use vertical space.
  • Medium Units – 10 x 10s or 10 x 15s are excellent during summer breaks. These are ideal for storing college dorm belongings. They can accommodate several pieces of furniture, plenty of boxes, and bed and mattress.
  • Large Units – 10 x 20s or 10 x 30s  are the largest storage units available. These are ideal for storing seasonal vehicles, ATV’s or the contents of a medium sized two-bedroom house if stacked correctly.

Summer peak storage season in Midland NC

All the above is the tip of the iceberg for summer storage. They can be taken quickly so there is an ongoing scramble to grab the right unit before the summer arrives.

If you are keen to meet the rush, you can contact Mr. Storage and the helpful storage teams will be more than helpful in going through all you need to know about these affordable storage units. It may be hot, but climate controlled storage is something you should be asking about.

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