When should I use plastic vs. cardboard?

Storage units can be damp places at certain times of the year. Many renters read that plastic is heads and shoulders above cardboard boxes. However, in some instances, this may not be the case. Even if plastic is the best solution long-term, cardboard can win, sometimes.

Read on to see why it can still be a good idea to opt for cardboard boxes in your local Concord NC storage facility.

Cardboard boxes are designed for moving into Concord NC storage units

Plastic totes are strong, rigid and in some cases, they can be heavy. Compare these to cardboard that folds up, it is designed to be light and strong. Good removal boxes are designed to be flexible and durable.

You can also find good quality cardboard moving boxes in a variety of sizes, and in many cases, your local storage facility will sell these as well as renting high-quality storage units as part of their services.

Cardboard boxes don’t waste space in a Concord NC storage unit’s facility

Plastic storage totes can come in sizes that may be far from being the most convenient. Add to this, the handles over hang, which makes them hard to stack close together.

Cardboard storage boxes on the other hand don’t leave wasted space and can sit on storage shelves perfectly. If you are renting a mini storage unit, then every inch will be crucial. Cardboard can be a cost saving in the long-term.

Plastic totes are not as easy to store as cardboard when not in use

In between the times when you are using your local storage facilities, you can fold cardboard boxes flat. This means they take up hardly any space.

Plastic totes on the other hand are great storage tools, yet in between those times, they are still taking the same amount of space up. Even if you can stack some together, you can end up renting storage units just to store your plastic boxes.

Storage Rental in Concord NC

If you are looking for storage space in your local area, then you will be searching for which are the best boxes to use. Rather than jumping in head first, you can speak to the professionals first to get their advice.

Contact Mr. Storage, and the staff will go through all there is to know about using cardboard vs. plastic. They will even have extra tips how you can make your cardboard last much longer. All this and at the same time you will find the best and most flexible rates for all your storage units requirements.

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